Horacio Rodriguez Loretta lashes out at government over Venezuelan plane with Iranians: “This is a shame, a sign of inefficiency”

Horacio Rodriguez Loretta lashes out at government over Venezuelan plane with Iranians: "This is a shame, a sign of inefficiency"

Horacio Rodriguez Loretta Pointed sharply against the national government Arrival of Venezuelan-flagged aircraft with Iranian crew: “It’s a shame. Another example of government inefficiency.”. Similarly, the Buenos Aires chief said that what happened was related to President Alberto Fernandes’ “contradiction in foreign policy”.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is unacceptable, in that they violated all limits. We hope that justice will be done comprehensively. “The head of government in Buenos Aires added.

When asked about the words of Minister of Defense, Anibal FernandesRodriguez Loretta pointed out that AFI Director Augustin Rossi had assured that alert communications from Paraguay had arrived after the plane had landed and that the pilots were “training” other crew members: “I’m more concerned that they are reducing the situation.”.

According to the head of government in Buenos Aires, it would be good for the government to “recognize the error” in the procedure, but to reduce the situation “shows superficiality in the care of Argentines.” “In such an extreme situation, the political responsibility lies with the national government.”The leader pointed out The raid on the hotel where the Iranian nationals were staying ended Was part of the flight crew.

On his part Minister of Government, George Macri, Also criticized the entry into the country of Mysterious Boeing. After mentioning Obstruction of a criminal gang operating not only in the city but also in RosarioThe Portino official said: “We have a plane in the middle, we do not know where it came from. National officials did not inform Justice in time. Ministers are trying to explain what they can not explain.”. He added that these are two different models of doing politics.

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Within two days a New day of marches and street closures through the city of Buenos Aires. There is also talk of the possibility of protesters staying in the camp. “We are in conversation and we ask those responsible for organizing and national leaders to answer to them.” Minister of City Security, Marcelo de Alessandro.

“We are going to do the impossible to stop the camping, but we are asking the government to respond to the needs.”The officer said.

After that, George Macri became more powerful and spoke directly to the chief Community Development Portfolio, Juan Sableta. “It would be nice if you could set up an urgent discussion table. We need an active minister who meets with these organizations and works closely with the provincial government.

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