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Honors Review ITV Drama About Banas Mahmood

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Anyone who followed the news last year about ITV’s factual drama Honor is now facing screenwriter Gwyneth Hughes.

The two-part series follows a real-life police investigation into the death of 20-year-old Banas Mahmoud Iraqi Kurdish woman He was brutally murdered in 2006 on the orders of his father and uncle in what became known as the ‘Honor Murder’. However, the show became controversial even before filming began.

Banas’ sister Paizi Mahmood criticized the play in an interview last summer BBC, Rather than Banas’ story, questions the attention of former Scotland Yard detective DCI Caroline Goode’s show presented by Keeley Howes. (Paisi said specifically Recently she is now “Glad the conversation went on,” But there is controversy surrounding Honor Continued.)

A statement from Hughes, in which the play is a “Ultimately… elevation [story]”the reason I met the “absolute heroism and dedication of the police officers who hunted down the killers.” Criticism.

AWriter and author Furqan Akhtar tweeted: “It changes from changing the story [Mahmod] To the white detective who ‘got her justice’. The project has a white lead, writer and director. ”

The first moments of the Honor episode may not have allayed concerns about the show’s focus: the first moment or when Keys Howes goes to the police station is a close – up shot of the cheesy radio program she listens to. .

DCI Carolyn Goodai Kaylee Howes (center) on ITV Honors

But here’s the important thing, this is where Goode’s days as a spectator begin and end: on the way to work or on her journey -. Like the criminal on Netflix, we never see the home life of the police team; There are no ubiquitous crime scenes where a police detective pours a glass of wine on their kitchen table while half-listening to a partner. We learn anything about the personal problems of detectives, we learn within the context of the job as another employee would like.

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When an analyst tearfully announces that a boyfriend has “bin” her, she says so in the office, and even a scrap of this personal information is revealed only because of the context in which the case relates: the suspicious analyst is asleep at her desk, upset at the breaking of an important piece of information that could have ‘saved’ Banas. The team believes it is still alive. Goode and his team want to fix the mistakes of other police officers: Banas went to the police for help more than once before his death and even gave them a list of names.

Beyond the blurred police tapes played in Goode’s office, Banas (although briefly played with newcomer Bucket Comor’s great sensitivity) will never appear on camera – but in both episodes of the injury, she is always the invisible focus of Goode and her officers.

We see the team in a social setting drinking by the river near the end of the second episode, which seemed like a small misunderstanding to me – it would have been even stronger to see Good return to the office following the final court scene.

Howes (and builds) still excels in this role, whether or not Goode should be the center of honor; Especially in the last moments of the first episode or so, it causes the tears to visually resolve from the weakness and a load on the face of Banas’ killer.


Ryan Barreto as Bekhala on ITV Owners

Ryan Barreto (Hannah of the Amazon) is the elder sister of Banas, who excels as a brave and courageous Bekhal, eventually offering testimonies against his own father and uncle and forcing him to enter witness protection. Mo Bar-El, who plays Banas’ real-life lover, Rahmat Suleimani, captures his calm demise well.

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However, Banas did not see enough of the former society, and the atmosphere of repression of sexuality that indicated it caused Bekal to flee before the events of the play. That atmosphere is described by Goode (viewer stand-in) members or former members of the community, but the viewer has never fully witnessed or experienced it. Whenever we meet Banas’ father or uncle, they are the versions they want the police or the jury to see – not the versions that scare Banas and her sister.

Never mind the fact that we never see the private lives of police detectives – we never see the life of the victim. If the viewer had been secretive about Banas’ own personal life and thoughts, Honor would have been a very different play.

The series ends with the repetition of purple police footage, with Banas staring straight into the viewer’s eyes – but she still presents herself in front of the police. She cannot speak her mother tongue; She never expresses her hopes and dreams.

Honor is still a very good play, but it remains to be seen whether its critics will guess the early ideas.

Honor will air on two nights Monday, September 28, 2020 and Tuesday, September 29, 2020 at 9pm on ITV. Contact IKWRO Women’s Rights for more information on honor abuse.

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