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Hong Kong: Human Rights Front disbands – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – Hong Kong, August 15 – The Front for Human and Civil Rights, an ally of pro-democracy populists in Hong Kong, has announced its self-dismissal, prompting growing repression against the protests. In the semi-autonomous region of China. “Civil society is facing unprecedented challenges,” the movement said in a statement.

“A few days after the loss of Hong Kong’s largest teachers’ union, the city’s leading civil society voice was silenced after a long campaign to discredit and weaken the pro – Beijing police and media,” said the head of the Chinese team, Amnesty International’s Joshua Rosenswaig, in a note, the most important pro-human rights group. Commented on the dissolution of the Front for Defense.

“The Hong Kong authorities’ attack on human rights has intensified. We now need to add NGOs to the list of those targeted by political parties, the media and trade unions – unfortunately, in the name of carrying out their legitimate work,” he said.

“The self-censorship model seen this week – he concludes – indicates a worrying domino effect, as Hong Kong’s strict national security law has accelerated the disappearance of independent civil society groups from the city.” (On the handle).

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