Hong Kong expelled pro-democracy lawmakers after China canceled protests

Hong Kong expelled pro-democracy lawmakers after China canceled protests

Beijing’s proposal to bypass the courts and political structures in Hong Kong underscores China’s stranglehold on the economic center, whose autonomy This year has been steeply controlled Despite previous promises to allow the city to run on its own until 2047.

Beijing’s intervention and the timing of the decision indicate that the ruling Communist Party has no intention of easing its crackdown on Hong Kong, a hotly contested issue between the United States and China.

Four legislators – among them Accountant Kenneth Leung Alvin Young, a lawyer leading the Liberal and Democratic Party, was barred from re-election to the Legislative Assembly. Postponed for one year, Quoting the corona virus.

The sitting legislators were initially told that their terms would continue until the election. But on Wednesday, Beijing passed a resolution disqualifying any lawmaker who supports Hong Kong’s independence or who is considered unpatriotic for wrongdoing, such as appealing to foreign powers to interfere in the affairs of the city.

There were pro-democratic legislators Threatened to resign en masse If that happens. In an interview, Democratic Party leader Wu Chi-wai said he had not changed his plans to resign and would provide more information later Wednesday.

At a news conference, the four expressed sadness and panic, saying they had fought for the democratic principles enshrined in Hong Kong’s mini constitution and laws.

“We are all professional people, giving up a lot of our time and resources because we want to fight for justice and the core values ​​of Hong Kong,” said Leong, who has represented the accounting sector in the legislature for the past eight years. . Leung backtracked in an earlier interview with The Post against the government’s accusation of supporting US sanctions against Hong Kong officials.

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Dennis Quake, another legislator who was ousted on Wednesday, has angered China Filibuster rules are used To prevent the passage of laws proposed by Beijing – including one that criminalizes mocking the national anthem.

Kwok said at the same news conference on Wednesday that he was exercising his authority under current laws. “It would be my honor to monitor the proper process and protect the systems and functions that lead to the consequences of disqualification for fighting for democracy and human rights,” he said.

The resolution from Beijing marks the second time this year that the central government has been directly involved in a political decision in Hong Kong. Under the terms of the 1997 handover, Hong Kong will have a “High Autonomy” Foreign affairs and defense above all else.

At the end of June, Beijing A new national security law was passed Through Fiat, it transcends all political structures in Hong Kong. The law prompted the city’s democratic movement for its content – punishing crimes with broad terms such as “treason” and “subversion of state power” along with life in prison.

Lam told reporters on Wednesday that “it makes sense that someone who is not eligible to run in the election is not eligible to become a legislator.” The issue of whether to allow the four to remain is something that the Hong Kong government cannot “decide” so their government has sought advice from Beijing.

China’s Licensing Office in Hong Kong added in a statement that the basic condition for running for office office in Hong Kong is “patriotism” and love for Hong Kong and China. Beijing’s decision is in line with Hong Kong’s Mini Constitution, also known as the Basic Law, and the new National Security Act.

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Chinese Analysts Expect tensions Between the US and China to survive under the Biden regime. Kamala D, elected Vice President It was Harris In sponsors Of Hong Kong human rights and democratic law that led to the embargo. Harris has too Spoke In support of the pro-democracy movement in the city.

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