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Home Secretary Sulla Braverman was questioned over allegations of leaking sensitive details about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

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Sulla Braverman was investigated following allegations of leaking sensitive details about the Northern Ireland Protocol, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.

The embattled home secretary was questioned in May this year after details of a high-level cabinet meeting were made public.

Interior Secretary Sulla Braverman questioned but cleared the leakCredit: EPA

Although she was cleared, this is the third time this year that Ms Braverman has been formally investigated into Cabinet Office leaks.

The property and ethics team also investigated a number of other cabinet ministers over the leaks in Northern Ireland, but failed to identify the talking rat.

But a Whitehall insider has alleged that “all fingers are pointing at Sulla” after the leak promoted her Brexit credentials – but no evidence supports the claims.

A Times article revealed in May this year that Ms Braverman, then Attorney General, had agreed to scrap most of the Brexit deal with Northern Ireland.

The strategic legal advice was discussed at a high-level meeting of Cabinet ministers including Sulla, Priti Patel, Liz Truss, Michael Ellis and Michael Gove.

The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Braverman was sacked by Liz Truss 11 days ago after he used a private email to send secret plans to reduce the £14bn deficit through a new growth visa.

Last week, after Rishi Sunak rehired her, it was reported that she was also investigated for allegedly leaking a sensitive story involving UK security services in January.

A source close to Home Seck said: “These allegations are totally baseless.

“This leak is not the fault of the attorney general or those working closely with her.”

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A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “We do not comment on investigations into alleged leaks.”

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