Home Minister dismisses O’Sullivan’s report that more than 4,000 cell phones are stolen every day, calling it “irrational” | Alfonso Chavez | Minner | Crime | NMR | Lemon

Home Minister dismisses O'Sullivan's report that more than 4,000 cell phones are stolen every day, calling it "irrational" |  Alfonso Chavez |  Minner |  Crime |  NMR |  Lemon

Home Minister, Osyptal rejected reports that more than 4,000 cell phones were stolen every day in Peru because he thought it was “illogical.”

The cabinet member assured that he had reviewed the statistics of the police reports related to the theft of cell phones in the country and did not agree with the report. Occipital.

4000 mobile phones were not stolen and it is illogical that 4000 mobile phones were stolen in one day.”, He expressed Alfonso Chavez During a press conference held at the Home Ministry headquarters last Wednesday.

Show me complaints, we’ve reviewed books to check if this is true about the theft of 4000 cell phones according to statistics, but no. So, there are robberies, yes, but this strategy against cell phone theft is getting stronger”, He added.


Occipital He explained that cell phone theft information matches the daily reports people give to operating companies to request that mobile devices be stopped and the line suspended when they are stolen. For this reason, it was clarified that the police do not publish information related to complaints as they do not match the mechanism for handling them.

Companies adhere to daily submissions Occipital Total reports of stolen devices within the framework of the regulations created by the National Registry of Mobile Terminal Devices for security”, The institution expressed.

As of April 2022, operating companies had registered 132,990 reports of theft of mobile devices nationwide (on average, 4,433 reports per day).”, He added.

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