Hollywood star Will Smith coached Connor McGregor’s coach John Cavani.

Hollywood star Will Smith coached Connor McGregor's coach John Cavani.

John Cavani is the head coach of the Strait Blast Gym in Ireland, led by Conor McGregor, the most important fighter in MMA history.

McGregor is not the only fighter in Cavani’s angles, but he is certainly the most famous, and as a result, Cavani has gained a reputation of his own.

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John Cavani put Connor McGregor on top

During a training camp with McGregor in Dubai, Hollywood superstar Will Smith decided to study one or two things.

“It was a strange situation,” Cavani told the BBC. “I was training with Connor in Dubai and, as they say, his people were with me. Would I like to do a session with Will Smith? Of course I want to. I’m a huge fan and I couldn’t believe it.

“I want to go to an amazing sports complex there. I have a warrior program and I put it through a regular session. I was very impressed with him.

Training for combat sports is not entirely alien to Smith. The actor has trained to play the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali and has maintained himself well in various action roles for years.

Will Smith had the best MMA experience John Cavani could give

“Perhaps my favorite part is that we emulated an MMA fight. This is done in a punching bag. You will see him in his documentary – if he included me, I would get 10 seconds.

“One of my favorite moments is when he’s been in the middle of the rounds like a fighter, and I’m sitting next to him as I give advice to those who listen when I turn a fighter.

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“I really try to bring them into the mindset of a fighter. While I was doing this, the bow was bent, very focused, and looking into space.

“I thought, ‘God, this is the guy who played Muhammad Ali. It’s a scene from that movie.

John Cavani is the head coach of SBG Ireland

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John Cavani is the head coach of SBG Ireland

“It was like a second or two, ‘What’s going on in my life! How did this happen?

“We practiced well and then we had some fun. I never told anyone about it – when that happened, immediately, my mother called me and my sister called me.

The 53-year-old Smith did not want to be in the cage, but Cavanagh was impressed that the A-list was brought to the table.

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