Holland Tax Station. That is why it is convenient for Italian companies – the economy

Holland Tax Station.  That is why it is convenient for Italian companies - the economy

MediaSet The latest in a long list of Italian companies that have decided to change their headquarters Netherlands Undoubtedly to benefit from tax benefits. They have some of the best names starting with Made in Italy Exor NV Financial possession of the family Agnelli, That is CSummarizes the entrepreneurial history of more than a century of investment with a capitalization of approximately $ 24 billion. Founded in 1927, it was decided to relocate to headquarters in 2016 Amsterdam: Is a majority shareholder FCA, Ferrari, Juventus FC Editorial groups GEDI e The Economist. He was one of the first people to point the way to the Tulips country Laxotica: Group Leonardo del Vecchio Spectacles have been manufactured and marketed in the Netherlands since 1999 but have been around for years. Ferrero, Illy, Telecom Italia, Prismian And Cementir Of Caltagiron.

Immigration of companies Multinational companies A phenomenon has been going on since the end for the Netherlands and especially for the Netherlands 80s Thanks to the smooth tax system the country submits to commercial activities like the US giants Amazon, Google, Facebook It generates turnover throughout Europe: According to association data Tax Justice Network They cause loss of income 10 billion euros For the benefit of the Netherlands and the Netherlands into the European economy, the tax may be less than 5%. The Netherlands is still a major center for tax evasion, according to a two-day ranking by the Tax Justice Network. Tax systems. She is the only oneBritish virgins sun, Islands Cayman And Bermuda Play a big role, writes international NGOs according to NOS.

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System in Holland Tax For companies it is arranged as follows: 20% against Bill Up to 200 thousand euros per annum and up to 25% of high turnover. Real achievement above all else Dividend, Revenue from disposals Equity investment, royalty e Capital gainsAlthough the Dutch government announced that it would impose a levy on dividends in 2024, all of this was tax-free. All this favors companies in terms of financial investment. However, smooth taxation is not just for a company based in the Netherlands: the Dutch enjoy the system Company law Extreme Simplified.

Economist in July 2020 Gabriel Sukman He estimated 10 billion Amount of Euros Dutch taxman European companies every year, with the rest of the revenue with them: 6.5 of theseItaly. The problem of tax competition within Europe remains very central to the old continent Ireland e Luxembourg It’s just like that UK They offer discounts to entrepreneurs who open a company in these countries to attract Capital From abroad. The risk is over-creating Disomogenity On the contrary, in an eruption that favors an equal distribution of resources.

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