Holidays in Catalonia: Beware of new scam at tolls and motorway rest areas

Holidays in Catalonia: Beware of new scam at tolls and motorway rest areas

Catalan police warn holidaymakers about new scam Individuals target vehicles at tolls and motorway service areas. Here is their method.

At rest, with a calm mind, on vacation: you don’t think you’re a target for thieves. If you go to the other side of the Pyrenees, be careful. Thieves are rampant at toll booths and motorway service areas. The Catalan police, Mossos de Esquadra, issued a warning on social networks.

Thieves’ target: Your vehicle’s tires. Scammers find you, follow you, and wait for you to stop. Either at a toll – although they almost disappear in Catalonia – or at a rest stop. Once stopped, the curve in the car behind you, on the passenger side, quickly descends to attack your right rear tire.

You continue to drive, your tire gradually deflates, and then you stop on the hard shoulder or a section. That’s when scammers come in. One of the two pretends to help you when one partner steals bags or belongings from your cabin. As the Catalan police video shows, you don’t notice the focus on your tire.

Thieves also take advantage of tolls and steal from you

Watch the environment when you stop

Thieves also take advantage of motorway tolls. Be aware of your surroundings when you stop#StopFurts

— Mossos (@mossos) August 6, 2022

The Catalan police are asking motorists to be vigilant to avoid falling prey to this scam, advising them to lock their vehicle as soon as you leave.

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