Holidays: 3 tips for organizing your suitcase

Holidays: 3 tips for organizing your suitcase

Combinations – Packing your suitcase can be a big headache, especially in large families. Olody Bollard, a storage specialist for five years, assures us that there are ways to make this moment fun.

Lots of vacationers “I hate packing their bags.” Inspired by the world reference to storage – the famous Japanese Mari Kondo – the methods of making in France came into being. “Good and fast” This last step before departure. Aulodi Ballard Lord, also known as Sorting Fairy, gives some tips to increase efficiency.

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1. Define the place and type of travel clearly

Before you first jump into your closet, you need to ask yourself the right questions. First, Where am I going on vacation? Depending on the destination and weather forecast, some garments may be preferred, while others may be replaced immediately. For example, before heading to Ireland, it’s a good idea to throw a few sweaters, boots and umbrellas in your suitcase, even in mid-August. Unlike Morocco, from April, swimsuits, flip-flops and sunscreen will come first.

The specialist recommends thinking about his intentions: What will I do there once? An athlete’s suitcase does not look like a vacation, it plans to relax on the beach. It may be more busy at first because he will have to carry a lot of sportswear and a lot of accessories with him to do his physical exercises.

2. Take a small suitcase

Once the answers are found, Olody Bollard suggests To choose a small suitcase The car “When the suitcase is large, you tend to fill it.” We put in it “Maximum seven dresses and two pairs of shoes”, By varying the style of dress (jeans, skirt, dress, shorts …) suitable for all occasions, even if it means washing, the length of stay is not very important.

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When you start collecting clothes in a suitcase, it is important to avoid the things you always carry. “In this context” But we never wear it. “I want to take the example of shoes with heels, because we often take them, but we never wear them.”, Portrayed by Élodie Boulard. “We think we can wear them for the evening, but what do we have to prove to ourselves? During the holidays, they are not necessary, they can be replaced with flat and simple shoes.”

In the video below, Specialist Explains how to fold and store your belongings to optimize the space of your bag. Do not roll the fabric, “Allows you to have a suitcase that is very easy to manage, you can see everything you have, and do not spend your holidays packing or re-packing your suitcase.” Christine Tessier completes another in TF1 Home Organizer Parisian.

3. Carry heavy loads on yourself

Finally, just minutes before the long-awaited departure, it is a question of wearing bulky coats, jackets, sweaters or walking shoes to lighten the bulk of the suitcase.

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In addition to the practical side, “It allows you to be less satisfied and live a simpler life.”, Ends the Olody Blar Lord for the LCI. “More broadly, it can raise awareness of our over-consumption pattern.”

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