Hockey Proto: Little Dunn (FIH) closes fifth in Cardiff Azur Ottawa

Hockey Proto: Little Dunn (FIH) closes fifth in Cardiff Azur Ottawa

In two World Cup qualifiers (both men’s and women’s), Azura beat Russia 4-3 (2-2) in Pizza to finish fifth; They lost 3-2 (1-1) to Poland in the shootout and finished eighth.

The two qualifying tournaments for the World Cup, which included the Italian senior nationals, engaged in two challenges worthy of final placement today, ending today. In both cases, the match after the 60’s draw was decided by a stunning combination of shoot-offs, which rewarded the Azores (fifth against Russia) but not the Azores (eighth, against Poland).

Ireland and Wales advance to the 2022 Women’s World Cup, while France and Wales advance to the 2023 Men’s World Cup (the tournament qualifies for two teams in Europe).

In the success of Blue In Russia, Frederica Carta, author of Brace, responds to Sartakova’s (20 ‘) opening goal, which goes into the long break, with a penalty and then a minute (35’ and 36 ‘). Ivanova’s goal in the final period (53 ‘) equalized and led to the shootout: goals from Barbara Borgia, Dalila Mirabella, Federica Carta and Mercedes Pastor; Lara Oviedo’s fault in the middle and our Lucia Caruso’s parade.

Gianluca Cyrili’s Azuri scored in the 28th minute in Cardiff with a goal from captain Augustine Nunes. Twenty minutes later Hillier’s 1-1 draw sent the match into a shootout. Our team won the first works (Garbazio, Amorosini) and gave a 2-1 partial thanks to the free throw blocked by Podovani, but the rest of the works are of Polish brand only (saves the executions of Keenan, Sior and Nunes) and the 3-2 final pays off for the Rachwalski team

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