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Hockey France-Ireland: 2-2 at Lumbersart

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Blues take on Irish at Lambersarte on Sunday (Photo JMD/Sports 5962)

The French men's field hockey team is finalizing its preparations for the Paris Olympic Games in northern India. During his internship at CREPS in Vatignys, the Blues also faced the Irish team in two friendly matches at Lille Hawke Field in Lumbersart. This national team has a strong northern connotation, with many players from the region. As well as his coach Frederic Se, originally from Valencia. This first France-Ireland pre-Olympic hockey/field tournament ended in a 2-2 draw.

Video Dailymotion Sports 59/62 TV. Interview with Frederick Bee at Lumbersart.

This is a historic event for French hockey. The French men's team is returning to the Olympic Games after 52 years. It was in Munich in 1972. This will be a first for women. The Blues benefit from direct qualification due to the host nation. But above all, its gradual rise to the sport's world elite, a team little-known in France; But very much alive among our Belgian neighbors. France is currently ranked 9th in the world in field hockey, with Ireland ranked 11th.

Also, many Irish and French players play in the Belgian Championship. Hence this dual encounter on northern soil. Two matches, moreover, were unofficial and without national anthems. But in public, with international referees. A large audience of insiders turned out this Sunday June 30 to see the Blues up close.

Same conditions in Columbus

This meeting was not held at Lille Metropole Hockey Club's home ground, but at the annex ground. This is for a very specific reason. ” It's the same synthetic turf in Columbus that the Olympic teams play on.“, explains President Anne-Sophie Renaud. ” For the players, it's a competition in the conditions they face at the Olympic Games. »

End of July will definitely be better in terms of weather. This is because the second half of the meeting, which started amid ominous clouds, was followed by heavy rain. That didn't stop both teams from giving it their all during this final Test. There was already plenty of rhythm on the pitch at Lambersart.

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Hockey/Field France-Ireland Victor Charlet
Victor Charlet, captain of the French team (Photo JMD/Sports 5962)

A 2nd minute goal from the Irish captain caught the Blues cold Bill Murray. But they will recover by drawing in the first leg; before doing it again on the second. The French team maintains this 2-1 advantage for a long time; before scoring a new goal in the final minutes. Hence the disappointment Frederick B, even if the result doesn't matter. ” We were a bit disappointed because we had control of the match. But in the two chances they had, we conceded a stupid goal at the start and another at the end. But overall we had a good match even if we had to continue working. »

Meeting with the youth

A feeling confirmed by the original Lille resident François Goyet, A midfielder who plays for Saint-Germain-en-Laye after playing for La Gantoise. ” The games are getting closer. We're all focused on the big summer goal. Also, we prefer to provide high intensity to the player in situations like games. »

The Irish did not participate in the shoot-out session to decide the two sides due to rain. It's a shame for the rain country. But the players are set to meet this Tuesday 2nd July for a final Test meeting… at 11am, at the same ground! ” School children are invited and there will be an atmosphere”It is hereby declared Anne-Sophie Renaud.

The Olympic Games will be held in the morning. You might get used to it soon enough.

  • France-Ireland: 2-2 (2-1), first test at Lille MHC's annex hockey/turf field in Lambersart. Sunday, June 30 (at 4 p.m.).
  • France-Ireland: Second Test Tuesday, July 2 (11am)
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Find interviews with François Goyet And Frederick B On Dailymotion Sports 59/62.

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