History of the Future of Humanity

History of the Future of Humanity

In his book ‘Light blue dot‘, Carl Sagan Quotes from the novel ‘Moby Dick’ Herman Melville: “Constant itching for distant things hurts me. I love traveling on the Forbidden Seas and landing on the Barbarian shores.” We created Novaseno It will take you to those shores like a ship and show you what defines our future: new technologies and scientific discoveries capable of changing our civilization, sometimes subtly, sometimes deeply and irreversibly.

Novasein is a term James Lovelock In his new book, ‘Novacine‘. The scientist and futurist is well known for his theory Gia, One of the Greek gods who made our world personal. According to Lovelock, we live in a self-regulating superorganism in which plants and animals are cells that interact with our unstable environment, which maintains the living conditions of the earth.

Until very recently, humans were just an animal, a tiny part of a planetary machine. But, according to Lovelock and other scientists, this is no longer the case Anthropocene, The current geographical age we are in. In the Anthropocene, human activity is responsible for the massive transformation of the planet from climate and habitat to geography. For the first time in our short history, we were able to influence Gaya’s performance. According to all indicators, we are pushing it to the limit of its capacity.

Visualization of Global Communications in the Anthropocene (Globaia.org)

Lovelock’s new theory is that, fortunately, anthropocene will be a very short period of time for the exponential impulse of technology that ended with the birth of man himself and artificial intelligence. Finally, AI will become aware of its own existence Becomes the dominant species on the planet. In the process, we save ourselves.

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Lovelock does not think that synthetic intelligence will destroy us like an undesirable virus. There will be no Terminators or bad Skynet. In his opinion man and machine will co-exist and ensure their own survival and the survival of the planet. These new organisms, which integrate with humans through multiple bioelectronic interfaces, will be the key to the survival of mankind in a new era called Novacine.

From a Darwinian perspective – or from science fiction authors Isaac Asimov The The rate of civilization Kardashev– This vision makes sense: in the end, ‘Homo sapiens’ is only a step towards a better and more efficient lifestyle than ours. It can be called ‘Homo silicium’. A form of life that can actually control its own destiny on Earth and other planets and star systems.

We are still far from this Technical specificity, As most people think or not. When it is radical and revolutionary, it will not be more impactful than other radical changes like the Industrial Revolution. It will not bring an end to humanity but will bring about its transformation.

Sagan, one of our leading philosophers, argues for a ‘light blue dot’ Humanity is not the center of the universe. Not from the galaxy. Not from the solar system or the earth. Part of the heartbeat of a 4,543 million year old planet is that humanity only exists in 10,000 years. Suspended in space, the astronomer says, we killed each other to study a part of something extremely trivial.

Sagan says it is trivial, but at the same time unique and valuable. Although We are sure that millions of worlds have lived Only in our galaxy, now only ours knows. Some of those worlds are intelligent beings. Others developed civilizations as well. Or as childish as ours. But now we are not sure. Now, we know that there is no one else. Alone in the universe, this brief is filled with meaning today Those who deny science and accept ambiguity and conspiracy, Man can only cling to the dreams of scientific and technological progress of some members of our species. Human history proves that those dreams have always been the key to our survival and prosperity against Malthusian apocalyptic prophecies. It makes sense to think that we will continue on the same path again.

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Like Lovelock and Sagan, we are optimistic here. We hope that those dreams will triumph in battle with darkness and take us on a journey beyond self-destruction – an era of planetary rebirth, peace and prosperity.

Novaseno will be the chronicle of that journey.

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