History of the attack on the US Congress in minutes – Corriere.it

History of the attack on the US Congress in minutes - Corriere.it

Ore 13,10 – At the end of his Washington rally, President Donald Trump calls on his followers to parade on Pennsylvania Avenue, as Congress begins the process of attesting to electoral college votes that are an incentive to protest in the capital. “We will walk to the Capitol and support our brave senators and deputies. But some of them will not be happy, because we can never take our country back with weakness, we must show strength, you must be strong. Despite promising to join them, Trump returns to the White House in his SUV and follows the events on TV.

After 1 p.m. – “USA! USA! “Trump’s supporters push down barricades around Capitol’s perimeter, videos show several policemen retreating and then fleeing.

At half past one in the afternoon – Capitol warns police officers of a suspicious package and begins evacuating buildings: the Artillery Building of the House of Representatives and the James Madison Memorial Building, part of the Library of Congress. The discovery of the two IEDs was later confirmed at the headquarters of the National Committees of the Democratic and Republican parties. They are removed.

About 2 p.m. Capital of Lockdon.

2.30 pm – Trump supporters smash windows, climb walls outside the capital, clash with police, and demand reinforcement. The crowd enters the building. Some wear Maga hats and take selfies in the Statue Hall in front of the Chem classroom. Police in Iowa have ordered the evacuation of a Republican senator and a pro-Senate president (Charles Grassley). Attended the counting of votes for the Electoral College. Some officials are ready to remove the boxes with votes.

2:45 p.m. – Trump supporters enter the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. One of them poses for a photo on his desk and gives a written message. “We will not give up”. They also enter the Senate Chamber, where they also pose for photos.

14:48 – Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser announces curfew at 6 p.m.

15:13 – On Twitter, Trump calls on protesters to “stay peaceful” and “respect the law,” but not tell them to go home.

15:15 – Ivanka Trump retweeted her father, calling them “American patriots” in a tweet.

15:25 Circa – Senate chamber cleared by police.

15:36 – Trump sends National Guard: News is provided by spokesman Kaylee McInani. A few hours ago, Pence spoke on the phone with Chief of Staff Mark Millie, who told CNN sources that the National Guard needs to be quietly deployed in the capital to prevent protesters from overcoming security barriers.

15:44 Circa – Several policemen were injured and some were hospitalized.

18:27 – Congress leaders announce that the counting of votes will resume after the last protesters’ capital is cleared by police.

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