History of solar eclipses and strange reactions to them

History of solar eclipses and strange reactions to them

In 1851, Johann Berkowski photographed a total solar eclipse.

Johann Berkowski

The sun will be dark as one of the last major events of 2020. Fortunately, this is temporary and lonely Total solar eclipse Of the year.

In contrast to the major eclipse that occurred, at least in part 2017 is visible to many AmericansThe eclipse of Dec. 14, 2020, will be visible only from the southern tip of South America and the Atlantic and Pacific regions. Although it can be viewed from anywhere via livestream.

even though Total solar eclipse It lasts only a few minutes, and all sorts of strange reactions to the rare phenomenon envelop the day with darkness.

The Vikings made loud noises to frighten School and heart, Two wolves in Norse mythology chased the sun and moon, occasionally catching them and causing an eclipse. Centuries later, doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power 1748 Solar eclipse “She locked herself in a room and cut off her hand in a bloody way,” he said London Evening Post At that time.

In the last few centuries there have been some strange reactions and it is not widespread to understand the reason for this star abduction. But we are enlightened, modern people are immunocompromised.

In her 1982 article Total EclipseIn 1979, when she saw an eclipse sweeping across Washington State, she heard screams of terror and / or joy.

Steve Ruskin, astronomer historian and author The first major eclipse in the United States, Found a common one.

“What amazes me the most about learning about eclipses throughout history is that time, or scientific knowledge (or lack thereof) does not matter, and man’s reactions to an eclipse are constant, universal, manifestations of awe and wonder, and even fear is horror,” Ruskin told me.

According to ancient myths and legends, the Norse wolves were not the only creatures to create eclipses by swallowing the sun. Maya, who learned to predict eclipses, sometimes portrayed them as a giant snake. Inca seemed to believe that a jaguar had swallowed the moon, causing a lunar eclipse.

A 1886 description of the Australian aborigines reveals a completely unique and unknown response to an eclipse, ”says Ruskin. “They believed that the eclipse was caused by another tribe on the moon itself, a sick and angry people, bringing out the bad mood of the Australian aborigines below.”


Image of an eclipse from 1613.

M. Bluntview / US Library of Congress

Royal concerns

Although the ancient Babylonians had a sufficient understanding of and predicted mathematics, they saw it as a bad omen for their monarchy. At an eclipse they place the commoner on the throne, so that if some real dark deeds happen to the king they will fall on the false king. After Eclipse, he was rewarded with a Regal stand-in for his service by being killed, to ensure that the bad Eclipse puppies died with him.

Court astronomers in ancient China faced a similar fate, failing to predict an eclipse by claiming they were drunk. The 4,000-year-old story was later inspired A poem It has been passed down through the centuries:

“The bodies of Ho and Ha are lying here, whose fate was tragic, but the invisible Tiklips were hanged for not being able to spy.”

Arguably the most famous solar eclipse was that With the death of King Henry I of England 1133 Anarchy and Civil War.

A Eclipse of Turkey in 585 BC Had the opposite effect. The armies accepted this as a sign from the gods to fight, and perhaps they should try to unite. As such, the story goes, and the 15-year struggle came to an abrupt end.

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The mind

BCE Greek poet after the eclipse of 647 Archilocus He found out for himself what other tricks the gods have for human beings below:

“After this, humans can believe and expect anything. No one in the future should be surprised if land animals move to dolphins and live in their saltwater pastures and prefer the sound waves of the sea. Land and dolphins love the mountains.”

According to Ruskin, the Jamaicans had even darker repercussions when seaside super jerk Christopher Columbus used the incident. The arrival of the eclipse helped Columbus subdue the natives.

History’s strange response to total solar eclipses may be one of the most insane. When the sun disappeared just after dawn in Europe in 1230, local workers thought little about it. They lay down to sleep, Historian Roger of Wendover comments, Will only be surprised when the sun regains its normal brightness within an hour.

I was shocked to see the sun setting

“Often, (eclipses) were a source of fear and anxiety,” says Ruskin. “Until the so-called European Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries, no scientific explanation was given for the movement of the earth. The sun and moon alleviate such concerns, at least in Europe.”

This science allowed us to take a deep breath and look around during the eclipse. The event also has a strange effect on animals.

“The only animal near me was a raven; it seemed to be flying back and forth in surprise and uncertainty.” Written by John Coach Adams An eclipse of the nineteenth century.

The scientific curiosity surrounding the eclipses also prompted some anxious attempts Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev used a balloon To see the 1887 eclipse from a height of 2 miles.

So, as we now look at some of the irrational, irrational and straightforward responses to this trigonometry strategy, try not to divide. Even today, the The myth that an eclipse is somehow dangerous for pregnant women persists. Who says that when the thing that sustains all living things suddenly disappears from the sky, it will not lead to some deep primary instinct that transcends the more rational responses of the conscious mind?

If you can get anywhere along the way on December 14th you will have the opportunity to find out first.

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