History is being rewritten. Israeli scientists have discovered the findings in the skull that point to interesting facts

History is being rewritten.  Israeli scientists have discovered the findings in the skull that point to interesting facts

Scientists in Israel have discovered nGlands, including the skull and jawbones of an ancestor who lived 140,000 to 120,000 years ago. The bones were found near the town of Ramla, and scientists call them “a great discovery.”

Another part of the puzzle

Scientists have named the newly discovered pedigree “Nature Ramla Homo type”. The bones associated with the discovery are a combination of Neanderthals and early human traits that separate them from the Homo sapiens that inhabited the area at the same time. However, so far scientists have not attempted to claim a new species, but they do believe that the individuals of Nesser Ramal played an important role in the story of human evolution.

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“Find usIt helps to give new meaning to previously discovered human fossils, add another dimension to the puzzle of human evolution, and understand the migration of people from the Old World.He quotes Reuters One of the team leaders.

Already 400,000 years ago

The bones were excavated to a depth of eight meters from the ground. In addition to the newly discovered genealogy, there were stone tools and bones of horses and deer. A group of scientists believe that the first members of the Naser Ramla Homo group were in the Middle East about 400,000 years ago. BBC

“Many human fossils from the Qasem, Suttiye and Tabun caves date back to that time, but we have not been able to attribute them specifically to any known group of people. However, we are entitled to include their shapes in the (newly discovered) group comparable to the shapes of the newly discovered model by Nesser Ramoul, “ Dr. of Tel Aviv University. Rachel Sarig said.

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Professor Israel Hershkovitz, E., on the subjectThe European Neanderthals actually started in the Levant and migrated to Europe, crossing with other groups. Others went east to India and China.

Professor Israel Hershkovitz also suggests a connection between the ancient peoples of East Asia and the Neanderthals in Europe.

Evolution is not easy

The use of tools commonly associated with Homo sapiens by these ancestors is surprising to many. In the opinion of scientists, it can be assumed that there was some interaction between the two groups.

We think we can learn that tools can only be built through visual or oral presentation. Our findings indicate that human evolution is very simple and involves a great deal of attention, contact, and interaction between different human races.He concluded BBC Theme by Yosi Sidener at Hebrew University.

Sources: BBC, Reuters

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