“Historically, the struggle for equality has allowed prosperity.”

"Historically, the struggle for equality has allowed prosperity."

He became more famous abroad than in France. Through his work on taxation and inequality, Thomas Pickett inspired many researchers. The bestsellers he drew from his research won over Barack Obama, and especially the American left. On August 26, he published “A Brief History of Equality” (Suil, 336 pages), a summary of his work. Following the political and social history of wealth sharing around the world, the economist explains how their concentration in the hands of a few powerful powers corrupts our democracy. Outline of proposals for shaping a new left ideology: universal sovereignty. Maintenance.

Is this book a way for you to influence the next presidential election and to address the issue of inequality?

Even better if he can contribute to the debate! But this book is part of a long-term view: the need for equality extends to centuries and societies, and it is not going to end. At least since the end of the 18th century there has been a profound movement towards greater social, economic and political equality.E Century, sometimes followed by riots for more justice, sometimes thanks to unforeseen crises. Kovid once again proved that the so-called consensus on economic problems, such as the absolute need to reduce public debt, can be recovered very quickly.

But, for the time being, there is no need for this for equality

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