His students set tasks for themselves, and their favorite game is “Scientific Paparazzi”, which he brings

His students set tasks for themselves, and their favorite game is "Scientific Paparazzi", which he brings

Physics professor Mladen Slajovic is one of the best teachers in Serbia, and his work can be awarded this year – he is nominated for a $ 1 million National Teacher Prize, which is awarded each year to an outdated professor. Teaching style.

Slijovich completed his current high school education and began working as a graduate student as a physics teacher. He is the coordinator of the career management team. Slyjovich, who became more efficient and fun than the classic type of teaching, stood out from other professors for his dynamic style.

Students in physics classes at high school in Sagecker set their own assignments. Siljivovic said it was a modification of the social game Hembicica, which he designed himself.

Students set a task for themselves and then use these tasks as they practice, and the main rule is that each student must know how to solve the task he or she has chosen.

“That’s where the most interesting part of this method begins.” The more advanced students in the group are now trying to explain the task to other members. I now have several classroom assistants who help others through peer learning. That means actually strengthening teamwork, “says Eljivovic for Dinajaz.

Alzheimer’s classes are decorated with many fun games, and what caught my attention was the “scientific paparazzi”. When asked how the game came about, he said “his sense of humor” is to blame.

The scientific paparazzi are a kind of parody of “gossip shows”. In this case, our show targets scientists “, jljivović states, and presents the status of each show as an experiment or fact.

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That’s how the show’s ideas came about, whether it was about Fleming being kicked out of the apartment for being lazy, or the man who finds the pencil in his mold, or Galileo when he wants to burn the tenants ’assembly pillar. Of the building that measures gravity.

“The Center for the Promotion of Science recognized our idea and we were fortunate to be funded to make it a reality,” Slajovic said.

Sajekar, a professor of physics, believes that the use of modern technology in teaching has both positive and negative aspects.

“It is highly desirable to introduce new technologies in the classroom, on the other hand there is a danger that they will distract us from the goal of teaching, and that is the diffusion of knowledge,” Slajivovic adds.

The main goal is to show how much effort is required for anything in life

He thinks it is boring for students and professors to study only on blackboard and chalk. He wants to reduce the curriculum because he thinks it is not sustainable to say that everything is important.

“In addition, we are in a constant sprint to give four grades a semester, and then we capture and capture a marathon with material and testing,” Slivovich added about the shortcomings of the school program.

He was very successful as a professor and his students fell in love with his teaching methods. His main goal is to show how much effort is required for anything in life. As he recorded the show with his students, he showed the complexity of illustration and editing, and most importantly, a student can not do all the work but the whole team – using this method the students develop and acquire their communication skills and apply it to teamwork, which is important for further career development.

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Slivovich has already proved that he is not an “ordinary” professor of physics, but the interesting fact is that he loves poetry – he is the author of two collections of poetry, and in the third he works hard on the book.

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