“His boxing is beautiful …”, Hamadoch responds to the mayor before the historic shock

"His boxing is beautiful ...", Hamadoch responds to the mayor before the historic shock

IBF Super Featherweight Champion Maïva Hamadouche is battling a concussion against WBO Champion Michael Meyer in Las Vegas this Friday night. A moment in the history of the French boxer who can even win the famous The Ring Belt in the category. As he passes through the RMC Fighter Club before the shock, “El Veneno” describes the challenge and responds without language to the numerous spikes launched by its American rival.

Anne-Sophie Mathis and Miriam Lamare have career and arguments to make. But the observation is in the background: Myva Hamadoushe will play this Friday evening in the biggest fight in the history of French women’s boxing. The IBF Super-Feather Champion will then try to add a WBO belt to his collection against French fighter American Michael Meyer. All in Las Vegas The main event (Main fight) The broadcast of a top rank card broadcast on ESPN and the icing on the cake are included in the popular The Ring Belt game in this category. An addition that engraves the historical aspect of this struggle.

>> Listen: Hamadouche guest of the RMC Fighter Club before the mayor

Claresa Shields of the United States in the middle and super welterweights, Katie Taylor of Ireland in the light weights, Jessica McCaskil of the United States in the welterweights, Chantelle Cameron of the United Kingdom in the welterweights and Belgium in the Welshweights. Got one for first place in the standings Pound-for-pound, Or a combination of all categories, before McCask was eliminated from its unified welterweight titles), the renowned specialist magazine decided to give it an award in women’s boxing. Of the men, only six Frenchmen have already been honored to wear it: Jean-Marc Mക്ക്rmeck (twice) in light heavyweight, Marcel Zerden in the middle and Marcel Thorne, Andre Rutis in the feathers, Robert Cohen and Alphonse Halimi among the chickens.

“It’s good that she sees me less.”

Hamadouch has the opportunity to add his family name to these two prestigious lists. Expectations make her happy. “I have been waiting for this high fight for a long time,” the French woman admits with a hungry smile. To get such a meeting, “El Veneno” (poison, his nickname) had to join the big promoter matchroom at the beginning of his professional career after Malamine Kone took over as Brahim Aslum. But this time she is there. She intends to take advantage of it. “Three belts will return to France,” she promises. Michael Meyer needs to remove the obstacle to this.

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The former model, an American fighter who played bass on a metal band at a young age, is one of the stars of women’s boxing in the United States, telling a sales story during her debut in martial arts (Muay-Thai later kickboxing and finally boxing). Many high schools forced her to leave the spiral of school quarrels, and her strong relationship with legendary coach Al Mitchell diverted her desire to retire to support her career. The pair are 15-1 from their debuts in August 2017 and 22-1 since their debuts in December 2013 at the age of 31 – a player with excellent amateur experience (excluded from the quarterfinals at the 2016 Rio Games) and a player who is happy to play Hamadouche for months on a small microphone. “I know only one thing to go for,” she repeated jealously, “when she changes her style to” more (versatile) “.

She also took advantage of the French Olympic quest, which she skipped as soon as she entered the race in Tokyo this summer, desperately claiming that she was trying to “avoid” the second through her participation in the Olympics, and that ‘she’ was afraid to face him. Her travels are through social networks where Hamadoch can respond, as well as through English-speaking media that have not given the IBF champion a chance to respond to her. So when she goes to the microphone RMC Fighter Club, Dedicated to dealing with the podcast of RMC Sports, “El Veneno” does not hesitate to release its venom.

Has the fight been postponed for a few months because of the Olympics? “She doesn’t make the rules of boxing, if I want to go to the games, I do. When she won the WBO belt against Eva Broadnica in October 2020, this fight should have been done a long time ago, but it didn’t. It happened, and in the middle of the game they deliberately brought a date. That’s how it happened. The mayor’s criticism of her very contemptuous style and boxing, with no other plans that only progresses to hurt her (many of her opponents were considered abandoned or standing)? “I can box. I have more experience than her. But I like that she sees me less like her, because I can surprise her.”

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“She’s a Nellie Oleson.”

The mayor who included her in the “behind” category because she considers herself “more perfect”? “It’s the other way around. She’s a little unconscious, she’s not objective because I have a good track record, and I do not see her as strong. I found her to be a little overrated. Boxing … yes … okay. She does not look physically emotional, she’s the one who has to lose weight to fight, I’m not, I do not know how you can fit in with Fight Day with such an important cut, but she’s the problem, not mine. She says you have to be good to face me.

American threats in muscle collisions during weight training? “I do not like the way she does things. She’s disrespectful. She says, wait and see what she’s going to do when she hangs up. But what is she going to do? I’m waiting. It’s good to see you. I have seen opponents gain a little ‘climbing’ weight because she has to walk well and stand tall, to stand in her place with me if she wants everything to be right.That moment.In all her glory she is the mayor.He is a Nellie Oleson, always bringing her back just plain.

We will leave it to the younger ones to look up the reference. We especially realized that the two would not spend the holidays together. But they agree on one thing: this fight promises to be “exciting” and “a lot of action.” Hamadouche, who is boxing for the first time since spending four of his last five fights in Vegas, said, ‘There is no doubt that one has to do more than the other to avoid being a victim of fate. In favor of evolving “at home”. “It’s a risky fight, but you have to take it to move on. At risk, if I do not KO her, it’s true, it’s true, it will be difficult to win. It’s boxing, it’s like that, I know why I ‘m going. Shine to win, that’s what happens. “

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Everything will encourage her, starting with the two who appointed this fight as Mayor-Hamadouche and ranked the American higher than the French in the classification of the sect. “This is not Mayor-Hamadouche, this is Hamadouche-Mayor. They are racists, but I will sort things out quickly.”

If the French beat her opponent at home, in a fight without revenge, she would no doubt consolidate the rankings. Pound-for-pound Women’s boxing. She looks right as the patron saint of the most exciting category of discipline among women, and aims to unite with other champions to try to unite the four belts. “This fight will give me a lot of recognition. It will allow the specialists and the boxing community to recognize me at my reasonable value.” Maïva Hamadouche is writing history in Las Vegas. She is set to become the backdrop to the most beautiful chapter in French women’s boxing.

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