High pressure does not always mean good weather!

High pressure does not always mean good weather!

Although we often find high pressure this week, which is synonymous with good weather, gray remains constant in the plains and valleys. How can a high pressure system not always bring in the sun?

High pressure does not necessarily bring the same kind of weather in all four seasons. A high pressure system does not always guarantee the sun in the plains during the cold season (mid-November to late February): the sun is very low on the horizon and does not always have the energy needed to disperse fog and clouds. Low clouds.

During this cold season, high pressure conditions often occur in the plains and valleys, graying. When in the mountains, the sun and the sweet coexist at the same time. In summer, high pressure does not always mean good weather, as well as more or less opaque clouds.

Definition of an anticyclone

Anticyclone, in contrast to depression, is an area with atmospheric pressure higher than average above sea level (above 1015 hectopascals, hPa). Unlike the low, the high is associated with a calm and often fair climate. On a frontology map, the elevation is represented by an (A), surrounded by lines representing areas of equal pressure (also known as isobars).

How do anticyclones affect the weather?

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Highs acts as the Disaster Controller of the Earth’s Bad Weather. The downward movement of air toward the Earth’s surface increases the Earth’s pressure. This phenomenon prevents the development of violent phenomena such as lightning and bad weather and reduces humidity. For this reason, high pressure is often associated with good weather, although we have seen that this is not always the case.

Azores High Pressure System: A constant high pressure system

Some are said to be high or some low, permanent or semi-permanent. These are large geographical regions where the pressure is always above the average of 1015 hPa (or below the depression). This is especially true in the case of the Azores high pressure in the Atlantic Ocean, which can influence the climate of France.

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