High IQ or enthusiasm does not equate to this one thing

High IQ or enthusiasm does not equate to this one thing

If you could use your own money to invest in one of your friends, colleagues, and relatives, who would you choose? Have you ever thought about this issue?

At this point, you may be wondering, why should I think about this tedious question!

Actually, this question is not boring at all. Because, when you think about the answer to this question, you will see who among the people you know will succeed, who will be worthy of your faith, and you will know for yourself what it takes to be one. Life.


In one of his speeches, Buffett said: “You need a certain IQ to succeed, and you need a certain amount of hard work to succeed. But in the end, whether you succeed or not depends on your mind and enthusiasm.

The factor of success depends on something other than IQ or hard work. Photo: Toutiao

Why does Buffett say that?

The answer is in one of Buffett’s questions.

He asked the audience: “If you could pick one of the people you know and buy back 10% of that person’s savings in the future, who would you choose? You cannot choose “Fu Nhi Dai”, you can only choose those who strive in their own strength. “

Some may not understand this question well. Buffett’s question means that among people you know, if you want to invest in something like a stock investment, you can own 10% of that person’s lifetime income and you choose to invest in that investment. Who will invest in?

Take 3 seconds to think about who you trust to invest in, and if so, who would you choose?

Buffett has a very meaningful answer to this question. Does your answer sound like an “investment genius”?

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Surely we all want return on investment? If we can get 10% of a person’s income, we will definitely choose to invest in people who have a good future and a lot of money in the future. Only then will our investment yield a good return.

Because we can’t choose “Fu Nhi Dai”, so we need to identify those who are capable of “making it for nothing” and have a bright future.

So what are the possibilities for such a person?

Think about it, that person must have a smart head, right? After all, a smart head can bring many ideas and solve many things.

Or emotional work ethic? On the path to success, there will always be setbacks, and if that person has the courage to fight and is not afraid of difficulties, he will easily overcome all obstacles to succeed.

Or require extraordinary leadership skills, a very good ability to organize the crowd, organize the division of labor and perform different tasks efficiently.

People with these traits are more likely to succeed, so should we invest in people with those traits?

Take an extra 3 seconds to think about it.

If your answer is yes, then you have put your investment at risk. People with all of the above possibilities do not mean that they are loyal, they will most likely be a spoiler with an average personality.

For example, in the workplace, there may be some people who respect the boss. They have strong work ethic and are very intelligent and often organize various activities for their boss. Externally, they are excellent employees.

But on the inside, this type of person always wants to outdo others, to respect himself, to rely on the love of his boss, and then to consider himself a commander, to instruct other colleagues to solve problems for himself, and then force his boss to look into public service alone. Other colleagues should have a special “respect” for them.

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Such people are not uncommon, not only in the workplace but also in business and schools.

How did Warren Buffett choose to date someone ?: High IQ or enthusiasm is not the same - Photo 2.

People who perform well at work may not be eligible for your investment. Photo: Toutiao

These people have the potential to succeed as mentioned above, but they are also selfish and selfish people who see themselves as the center of the universe. Of course not, because such a person sees the contributions of others as his springboard.


In fact, if you are an experienced person, you will see that the person who really deserves our trust is not a person of high ability, but a person of good quality.

Buffett gave a very clear example to illustrate his point:

“There was a man in Omaha named Peter Kiwit. He said that when recruiting people, you need to look at 3 points: quality, intelligence and hard work. He said it was dangerous if a person was smart and hard working but had a bad temper. People without good personalities are often lazy and stupid. “

In Buffett’s view, the most important qualities on the path to success are intelligence and enthusiasm.

How did Warren Buffett choose to date someone ?: High IQ or enthusiasm is not the same - photo 3.

So how did the guest choose that time?

When the audience made their choices, Buffett upgraded the issue. He asked the audience not only to choose the person they want to invest the most, but also to choose the person with the least potential and ignore that person.

Buffett asked the students present to write on the left side of the paper the name of the student they would like to invest the most and his or her best qualities. On the right side of the paper, write the name of the student they want to remove and the reason why that person was not selected.

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The end result is that most of the students selected for investment are not well-educated or have a high IQ, but have good qualities.

Also, the names of those who are excluded are not because they have low IQ, but even those who are excluded have better achievements. People with bad personalities do not trust them.

So, even if a person is smart, hardworking, energetic and has extraordinary leadership, those things may not be worthy of your trust. To see a person’s true nature, you must look at his qualities.


Who among the people you know will be future winners?

If you consider a person’s dignity and are still willing to invest 10% of that person’s lifetime income, that person is bound to be a successful person in the future.

On the contrary, how can you be successful in life?

If you become an investment object in the eyes of others, you can be successful in life.

On the path to success, many people blindly pursue high IQ and high ability, but few realize that good quality is the shortcut to faster success. Being of good character can earn the sincere trust of others.

This should not be taken lightly, as it is very difficult to gain the sincere trust of others these days. In this society, you have to communicate everywhere, conquer the hearts of others, and do everything quickly. If you can be a person that others trust, you have already given permission to be a winner.

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