‘He’s the best player in the country again’ – Bradley reveals Hoops’ best offer in an attempt to keep Byron.

'He's the best player in the country again' - Bradley reveals Hoops' best offer in an attempt to keep Byron.

In an attempt to keep Ireland International at the club, Shamrock Rovers made a great offer to Jack Byrne.

Sorry, a complete campaign with a group of players who are his league winners will allow them to achieve their full potential and Byron thinks that is an important part of that vision.

Bradley does not believe his team has been able to show their ability without losing to league glory with four games in this short season.

Byron is currently struggling with a bad dose of Covid-19, and Bradley admitted yesterday that he was hit by a virus after testing positive on international duty.

Returning to training he finds it difficult to return to anything approaching match fitness, and everything is clearly waiting for the game to resume from Medics.

Byron was set to miss Wednesday ‘s scheduled game against Derry City before the Candidripes camp exploded.

Bradley is hopeful that Byron Rovers will be part of the journey in 2021, but it is enough to know that the 24-year-old will receive offers elsewhere with the managerial firm in the belief that Dubliner has the ability to play at any level.

“The club made him a great offer to make sure he was playing football here next year,” Bradley said.

“We know Jack will get offers from overseas, we understand that, it’s only natural to interact with a player of that standard, but I think Jack understands that Shamrock Rovers and this atmosphere are good for him.

“Whatever happens, I think Jack will go down as the best player to play for the club and play in the league, with many more years to come in a Shamrock Rover jersey.

“He’s again the best player in the country. Compared to when he was young, he now carries himself day and night. He’s a leader now, and I do not think Jack can believe he can.

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“My only disappointment this year was that we were making our way forward, knocking us out … (due to the pandemic) I don’t think we’ve seen this team at all. Next year will really give you a chance to see this team lower their foot.

“There have been stages where they have performed well, but in a normal season, we have seen this team go up to their standard than in normal games. No one touches them in a normal calendar season.

The fear for Rovers is that Byron will go on to earn a place in the Ireland squad, as Bradley feels he has the potential to work at headquarters here.

“I went to watch Jack play in the Netherlands, borrowing from Man City, against PSV’s Ajax, he was the best player on the pitch. Jack can play at any level he wants. I know I will take it when I get the chance.

“Great game, great context, he’s great. He loves showpieces and loves to sit on that pitch with all eyes.

“I know he can (play for Ireland). Jack knows he can. He needs time on the pitch to prove it. He does. We have to take care. Stephen (Kenny) has a job. Teams make subs as he sees fit. We have to respect that.

“I know he really likes Jack. He will take it when he gets the chance. There are a lot of people who are not fans of the League of Ireland who think entering the team is a LOI magic hunt. Watch his games in the Netherlands. Show him what he can do. “

Anyway, Rovers has their own plans for success this year. In the short term, there is an FII Cup to defend, but in the long run it seems to Bradley that the Talag club are better off taking advantage of this league victory compared to their last win under Michael O’Neill in 2011.

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He left after some back-to-back league victories in the direction of the club. The current manager is happy with where things are going, he said the project is consuming everything but he is determined to continue.

Rovers sided with Bradley on some test days, including calls from fans to remove him in 2018. There were also comments from pundits. But the 35-year-old said he knew it would take time for all the various parties at the club to fix it.

“We sat down with the board from the beginning and we were very clear about our plans and where we wanted to go, giving us a timeline of what seemed realistic,” Bradley said, “I’m not saying that now because it’s happening to all of us, the football department and the board.

“If you look at how dominant Dandalk was, it’s always going to take time for us, especially Cork, at the time,” Bradley continued, adding that last year’s 1-0 loss to Dantak at Tallag was a turning point, and the result was that they were the first to dominate.

“With the rough patches, when the board visited it was very important that there was no other talk except where we were going next year, what do we want for next year?

“It helps you a lot when you have it as a manager, because you have clarity in how you think, and you do not deviate from fixing things for tomorrow.

“We all knew from the beginning that we were under pressure and that we needed to improve when we were giving up points or losing games we shouldn’t have, but I never felt incredible pressure from the board. That was very important to me. ”

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“The club is now in a stronger position from top to bottom. As you look through it and look at the structures in the venue, the young players we expect in the next few years will play a big role in our playing squad, which should be our goal, and all the structures in place to make that happen.

“We now have a real plan. It’s not just going to go and win a league and expect something to happen. We have a plan for what we’re going to do, where to go, and how we’ve going to improve.”

When the club asked him if he would stay there as long as he wanted, Bradley issued a cautionary note.

“Even though I’m young, I’ve been here for four years into my fifth year. At this club, it feels like ten,” he said.

“My wife and family will always guide me with my energy and health. If I do not feel I can bring it to the club and lead us to the next level and lead us to success, I will sincerely go to the board to retreat. It does not always mean bad results or anything like that.

“But if there’s a time when I feel I can not improve it or make this place better, I will tell the club and I will tell them first and stay away.”

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