Heritage files offered, Dirk fixed the problem

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A lesser hindrance in the acquisition processAbramo Customer Care. Catanzaro’s tar has actually been approved by the company – it owns it Three thousand workers in Calabria – Chance to win Dirk Through INPS despite making arrangements with on-site borrowers. The issue of the certificate of accuracy of the donations will be allowed to the group Participate in new tenders and, above all, get a balance of invoices Public Participating Clients.

Rental application with purchase option

At the same time, the company communicated with the national secretariats Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom Uil Than the Irish Fund Heritage – The only person who is likely to buy at the time an offer is submitted – Filed Request to lease the entire company complex with purchase option The court in Rome is expected to present itself in the coming weeks. Activity – Inform the Unions in a Note – Conducted through Abramo Customer Care Meeting a Corporate Vehicle “We take care of you” 4U is controlled by Italia. 51% will go to the Irish Fund and 49% to entrepreneur Paul Manfredi.

A lesser problem

Therefore, the release of Dirk is the first positive step. “A lesser problemBecause it puts the sale negotiations in a calm context, whether it starts at a rental stage or not, it will depend on the decision of the court in Rome “, comments Fabio Tomino, UIL General Secretary of Croton. However, it is the highest priority for trade unions Full job stability Defend the current situation of male and female workers ”.

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Government based

Had to visit this afternoon Guarantee table The Croton Municipality was set up to monitor the corporate crisis but was postponed. However, as has been repeatedly said, unions need it more than ever The discussion moves to Rome. In fact, throughout the story, “there’s a flaw – Domino explains – that’s not on the discussion lists Ministries of Labor and Economic Development Because, especially at this point, effective contributions are there Government: What happened, he never called us. We hope the new one does it.

Now, the hope is to be able to focus on the most important aspects Rebuild for another 20-30 years The future of Abraham Customer Care and thousands of workers.

“In the meantime – the well-known national secretariats SLC CGL, Fistal Sisal and Yulcom Yu – have been completed. List of workers in the Enel Servicio Eletrico contract Operates in Settingiano and Motta Sant Anastasia, where he activates social close by providing company for workers.

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