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Here’s the best smoked salmon to buy for Christmas according to UFC Que Choisir

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This is the star food at the year-end holiday tables. Smoked salmon is still very popular among the French in December. When served with a few drops of lemon or cooked as a more complex starter, its texture and smoky taste attract the most people.

In addition, this fish is rich in omega 3. To see more clearly in the big leaps, the association has published a guide to UFC-Que Choisir.

Undeterred, it separates pets and wild salmon, making them more difficult to find. The second is certainly healthy because of their diet, but on the other hand, “in taste, they suffer from a perfectly firm and dry texture, which is not always appreciated”.

UFC-Que Choisir invites us to take an interest in breeding conditions Than the original (Norway, Scotland, Ireland). The red label attests to a certain quality: it imposes a number of restrictions on breeding and processing (salt, smoking, etc.).

Finally, the AB label guarantees more decent breeding conditions for the guaranteed organic animal and its environment.

But UFC-Que Choisir, the salmon that gives the best value for money, is undoubtedly a reminder that it is trout. “Smoked trout are cheaper than its cousins, and the quality has improved in recent years,” the authors of the survey explain.

Based on the criteria of microbiology, salinity, presence of contaminants, and finally taste, they selected the following salmon and trout:


  • -Smoke Salmon in Prestige Beach Tree – Movi – Organic – € 57.90 / kg

  • -Smoked Salmon -25% Salt – Petite Naveer – ASC – 52 € / kg

  • -Atlantic Smoked Salmon – U Bio – BIO – 57.30 / kg

River fish

  • – Golden Seafood Beach Smoked Trout – Aldi – 23.50 € / kg

  • – Smoked trout, salted with dried salt and smoked on a beach tree – Kristen (Poland) – 57.30 € / kg

  • -Smoke and marine trout – small bowl – ASC – 39 € / kg

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