Here is a preview of Primark

Here is a preview of Primark

The blue sign burned out and the store shelves were restored. Everything is literally ready for Milan to open its first Primark store. Not only will customers be missing, but they will arrive tomorrow (Wednesday, April 6) via Torino with the opening of the structure.

Shop preview

The shop is spread over 5 floors and covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 5 thousand square meters. “The design of this new and highly anticipated store is inspired by the attractive architectural and artistic features that connect Milan with the fashion world that separates it,” reads the note announcing the inauguration of Primark.

For the fashion giant, this is the first 100% Milanese store since opening in 2016 in the Il centro di Arese and in 2019 in the Fiordaliso di Rozzano. This structure is marked in Milanese style. The entrance is inspired by the squares of Milan and contains typical architectural references to the city. Not only is it a sales point, but the new Primark Italia has been created above the headquarters store, as well as a showroom dedicated to the press.

The store was set up under the name “Palazzo Cursed” because the latest chains that chose it as a store experienced complex business moments. In recent years the building through Torino has been unoccupied, the last being Troni, Billa (German Rave Group supermarket), and a gym. In 2016, a few years after the inauguration, the trio hoisted the white flag. Previously, it was Fnac’s turn to “occupy” the building from 2000 to 2012. The story of Standa, who made his debut in Milan in 1931 through this building, is even more fortunate. All that remains is to hope that the Irish giant will be cursed.

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