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Here are the restrictions that will disappear on July 15th

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The number of people getting vaccinated in Sweden is increasing, while the prevalence of infections and deaths is declining and the pressure on health care is declining.

As the Swedish Public Health Agency estimates that the level of infection has dropped to a low level, many of the restrictions will disappear today, while others will be mitigated.

The square meter limit, the number of visitors allowed, for example, shops, gyms and amusement parks, is regulated by the size of the area and disappears.

More people can sit together at football matches and other public meetings – raising the party limit from four to eight.

Removes placement rules for carousels and other rides.

Passenger control on trains and other long-distance public transport will also disappear.

Continuous controls

All activities that mitigate the restrictions should continue to ensure that the risk of infection is minimized by avoiding congestion.

– We have now primarily removed the steps from which we believe from experience that the effect is very small. State epidemiologist Andrews Tegnell said it was important in an era of high levels of infection and great stress on health care, but now it is primarily steps that can be removed in another era. Introducing.

The remaining recommendations are to keep your distance, stay home when you are sick, test yourself for symptoms, and work from home as much as possible. According to Technel, they may be needed for the foreseeable future.

– Large crowds where you have been in close contact with each other for a long time, especially indoors, I think we will be on the lookout for a long time to come.

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Anders Technel, which could explode in connection with simplified controls

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