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Bnl Polemiche

New Union Controversy in Bnl. All the details in Emmanuel Rosie’s article

The controversy surrounding the relocation of 530 BNL employees to Accenture Services and Technology (Ast), an Irish company that starts Wednesday, June 1, has not abated. It is now revealed that a quarter of the workers involved are disabled or caring, and their colleagues and unions that have not signed contracts with the company in connection with the sale are very concerned about the news. The move intimidated Palazzo Chigi, who requested further documentation from BNL in the wake of the Golden Power weeks ago.

As he wrote Post InternationalHowever, in recent days the conversation between the bank and the trade unions has resumed, with the possibility of finding a post-mortem agreement with the document according to a close source.


The transfer of 530 employees from Bnl to Accenture is part of a larger project by Bnp Paribas to sell the company’s IT branch to French Capgemini or a recently established affiliate. Without operations and workers today, Capgemini Finance Service Tech. So, this is a project that will result in the relocation of about 800 employees to employers: 250 people with IT skills, those working in IT off-core banking, and another 530 people active in the back office. For the second, Accenture identified a partner, but for the first, the transition to Capgemini was completed in April without signing any relative trade union agreements.

Government Doubts and the Next Goal

A month ago, the Draghi executive also decided to move into the matter, asking BNL for more details about the Accenture company, which has been called in to handle the personal data of the bank’s Italian customers, which is now in foreign hands. At a meeting on April 29, Fabi, First Sysil, Fisak Sigil, Yuilka, and Unisin announced that the company would replace workers within the scope of the sales object of the Savoy operation. The results of the procedure (actually transfer) due to a “request for further information from the competent authorities” known as the “Golden Power Procedure”. According to the news agency, Bnl has no problem RadiocoreHe said he was ready to answer questions from the government and that the outsourcing of 530 back office workers would be completed by June anyway.

At this point, Palazzo will respect Chigi’s decision Do not exercise special powers The sale was granted by law following an inquiry by the Ministry of Finance and Finance. Therefore, after the notification came on April 8, it “approved the proposal not to exercise the special powers established by the Ministry of Finance as the government responsible for the investigation”.

The question of vulnerable workers

In case of workers moving to AST, inform TPI, 210 persons belong to backward classes: persons with disabilities, cancer patients and those who provide legal certified care 104. The average age is 55 years. “We have reason to believe that this activity is actually aimed at cutting down ‘waste’ and ‘dry branches’, i.e. people with their career disease and psychophysical weakness,” Giovanna Maria Ragusa told the newspaper. The person associated with the group. For BNL’s vulnerable employees and caregivers, the disposal plan is set to stop.

An allegation rejected by Bnl: The Institute is talking about an industrial choice made to improve customer service. They point out to TP that the employees involved will not be fired and that the contract details of their employment relationships will be transferred to another company without change. An operation that comes in the wake of what was announced in an interview last November Courier della Sera From Elena Goitini, Managing Director of Bnl: “You need special skills to keep up with technology. That is why the alliance formula is central. ”

The issue of the 210 outgoing vulnerable workers had been raised some time ago, and at the end of April the Minister of Disability, Northern League player Erica Stephanie, received a delegation from them.

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