Helicopters will be seen on Mars this month

Helicopters will be seen on Mars this month

2021 April 04 16:39:01

Science Desk: It is known that in the second week of April the ingenious helicopter will be seen in the skies of Mars. A recent statement from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said the helicopter flight was delayed.

NASA sources say that one drone will be seen in the sky over Mars in the next few years. With its help you can know the details of this planet. Large areas of Mars can be observed. Behind it is a ‘ingenuity’ helicopter with ‘Perseverance’ attached to the latest rover sent by NASA. Earlier in 1997, NASA’s Sajarna rover landed on Mars. But this time the Mars mission is going to take on another dimension.

In this case, NASA is busy implementing a new dream in space. This is the first time a helicopter has been sent for this purpose. It will fly in the sky of Mars. After the rover lands, the helicopter will take off from the rover’s stomach. This task will only take a few seconds to complete. The ingenious helicopter weighs about 4 pounds. The head has two blades or rotors. Each is 4 feet or 1.2 meters in diameter.

However, there are various concerns about this. According to astronomers, Mars flies like Earth, but not quite straight. In this case, the helicopter has to fly in a very controlled manner, keeping in mind multiple issues, including gravity and the density of the atmosphere.

In this case, about half of the solar energy reaches the surface of Mars during the day. The night temperature is also very low. The temperature drops to 90 degrees Celsius. In this unfavorable and unfavorable weather, helicopter flight is difficult. There is also a strong possibility of multiple parts failing.

The size and weight of the ingenious helicopter is a major issue. The helicopter must be light enough to fly to Mars. In this case, the rotors, solar panels, electric heaters and other components are designed with all issues in mind. There are various systems, including vacuum chambers. Tried more than once.

JPL’s chief helicopter engineer Bob Balram said the dream plane was launched six years ago. Since then, these rovers and helicopters have been built to withstand various obstacles and adverse conditions. I’m currently waiting for April 11th.

(OS / SP / April 04, 2021)

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