Helicopter flying over the planet Aruna

అరుణ గ్ర‌హంపై ఎగ‌ర‌నున్న హెలికాప్ట‌ర్‌

Texas: NASA’s space probe will land on Mars on Thursday. However, a small helicopter is also being sent to the spacecraft this time. NASA expects to launch a helicopter for the first time on Mars. This is called ingenuity. Scientists say planes flew to Earth hundreds of years ago. Now planes fly over Mars. The helicopter was built with very low weight. In fact it is in the form of a mini drone. It weighs only four pounds. That is, 1.8 kg. Those helicopter blades are huge. Five rates are reversed at high speeds. The blades rotate 2400 times per minute.

Tact has four legs. The box will have its body in the drawer. Both routers rotate in opposite directions. Equipped with four carbon fiber blades. It has two cameras, computers and navigation sensors. The helicopter was fitted with solar cells to heat Mars, the coldest planet. The batteries recharge with them. Tactical helicopter with Perseverance Rover .. Landing on Mars. Helicopters are likely to hit the wheels five times a month. The helicopter will fly at an altitude of 3 to 5 meters. Could not go about 50 meters. Each flight lasts at least 90 seconds. NASA is launching this experiment as part of a technical experiment. Its purpose is to test new capabilities in the atmosphere of Mars.

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