Heavy rain replaces snow

Heavy rain replaces snow

Today, the torn clouds are moving east, and in the afternoon a warm, warm cloud is coming from the west. Light rain in the morning will stop in the west, and in the evening after a temporary break there will be more snowfall in most places from the north-west and moving to the north-east. Writes At Kiderül.hu. Southwesterly winds rise in the evening, intensifying in some parts of Transdanubia. The maximum daytime temperature is usually 1 to 7 degrees. By evening, the temperature drops to -2 to +5 degrees.

On Friday we can expect mostly dark weather, with only a temporary reduction in cloud cover. Until early in the morning, the night mixed rain path leaves the country, and then after a short break – it may get more rain,

In the afternoon another wave of rain comes.

By then we should be ready for most of the rain, but in the Upper Tissa region, in our mountains, snow and ice can freeze even temporarily. South and southwesterly winds are strong in some parts of Transdanubia. During the day, there will be a duality between the northeast and southwest of the country. In the first, only 1.3 with liquid, we can measure 10 and 12 degrees.

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