Heat wave: Toulouse will be hotter this afternoon and Saturday than in Dubai

Heat wave: Toulouse will be hotter this afternoon and Saturday than in Dubai

France is currently experiencing a severe heat wave that will cause unprecedented temperatures in June. They are reaching the level of the Gulf countries. The comparison is worrying.

These Fridays and Saturdays are the hottest months in France. In Toulouse, Montpellier or Bordeaux the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. This is the first time this year that the mainland in France has experienced such heat. Many records will be broken.

These temperatures are not to be envied as much as those observed in the United Arab Emirates or India. Weather Channel. The forecast for Toulouse, Montpellier or Bordeaux is 41 C which corresponds to the forecast for Dubai today. The temperature in Nantes will be 39 degrees Celsius just like in New Delhi, India. In Marseille and Paris the thermometer should show 35 degrees Celsius, the same temperature as in Cairo, Egypt, or Gaffsa, Tunisia.

Breast or Dijon will experience unprecedented temperatures this weekend: 34 C. This temperature is found in Bangkok, Thailand. Lil also experiences temperatures as hot as Maracak in Morocco: 33 C. Accustomed to the intercontinental climate, Strasbourg spends the afternoon at 31 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature forecast for this Friday in Seville, Spain.

1 p.m., according to records Weather SkyIt is already 37.1 ° C in Nimes, 36.8 C in Perpignan, 36.6 C in Montpellier, 35.4 C in Carcassonne, 34.7 C in Millow, 34.2 C in Toulouse-Blagnac, Albie and Ouch at 33. Saint-Girons (Ariège), 33 ° C in Montauban, 32 C in Tarbes, 31.5 C in Gourdon (Lot), and 30.8 C in Rhodes.

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Meteo France has put 12 departments on red alert, a relatively rare situation, due to the heat expected until the end of the week.

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