Heat wave: Despite some forecast rain, the historic drought worries meteorologists

Heat wave: Despite some forecast rain, the historic drought worries meteorologists

This Friday, July 29, the Weather Channel fears a lack of significant rain, even if Meteo France predicts some rain.

Not enough rain… 90 out of 96 French departments are currently affected by water restrictions. So early in the season, this is unheard of. July promises to be “the driest month on record since 1959,” warns meteorologist Cyril Duchene soon after. Weather Channel.

Very localized rain

At the end of the week, Meteo France Expect some stormy showers this Friday, July 29. However, they are confined to the southern half of France. Also, it won’t rain all day across the region: showers will be felt especially in the afternoon in the south. However, meteorologist Cyril Duchene qualifies: These storms “will not reverse the trend of permanently dry weather.”

The month of July ends badly…

No rest. According to the Weather Channel, dry weather may continue in the first half of August. The lack of historical rain in July has a lot to do with this… The cumulative rainfall for this month is “ridiculous”: 0 mm in Nice, Nimes and Marignan, 1 mm in Bastias, Agen, Perpignan and Bordeaux, 1 mm in Rennes and 2 mm in Clermont-Ferrand. The lowest monthly cumulative rate since 1959…

\ud83d\udca7 \u274c A few days before the end of July, monthly collections across France were the lowest since 1959.#Drought Particularly high soils in many areas. pic.twitter.com/kqgDrIfE0x

— Meteo-France (@meteofrance) July 27, 2022

\u203c\ufe0f? July 2022 was the first of the driest Julys since 1959 (the beginning of many reliable and adequate rainfall records in metropolitan France). Many low rainfall records have been broken! #Drought pic.twitter.com/xf90gJPRcN

— The Weather Channel (@lachainemeteo) July 27, 2022

France is 89% rain-deficient, and it’s not going to get any better. According to the Weather Channel, “pessimistic” forecasts suggest no significant rain until August 10. Especially since Risk of a new heat wave episode Very present.

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