Heartstone’s next extension includes the Darkmoon Fair madness

Hearthstone’s next expansion involves an even madder Darkmoon Faire 19

Locked Down One thing for me is to reign in love with Herstone. I tried to play other card games, but none of them stuck, because they have a lot to say about Herstone’s presentation, and although Blizzard’s card game can be a little frustrating at times, it’s the most fun and exciting to play. So, I’m glad to go back to The Old Guys, one of the previous themes of the Herstone team game, and put them in a weird and amazing setting. Next extension Darkmoon Fair is crazy to beat the game!

Heartstone’s most attractive (completely derailed bullcrap on some decks) cards are easily returned. Yog-Saron, Enzoth, Wisharge, and the best boy of all, C’Toon, break the minds of naked men as they attend the party and celebrate at the already bizarre Darkmoon Fair. They bring a new keyword to the game: corruption. The effect of corruption involves upgrading a minion (or perhaps a typo) while you are playing a card, with a higher mana cost. The artwork changes slightly, which is a very nice touch.

If you purchase the extension in advance you will have earlier access to the new one Mode dual, A new game mode that combines Arena style PVP with some of the broader components of single-player campaigns such as Dungeon Run, and when the extension slows down everyone who logs in will receive a copy of the festive Chaplain Darkmoon. Here is what you get for your purchase:

Crazy at Darkmoon Fair Pre-Purchase ($ 40)

  • Crazy in 45 Darkmoon Fair Card Packs
  • Darkmoon Fair Legendary Card 1 Random Crazy (Non Gold)
  • N’Zoth card back
  • Early access dual mode

Darkmoon Fair Mega Bundle ($ 80)

  • 80 crazy in Darkmoon Fair Card packs
  • 5 Golden Madness in Darkmoon Fair Card Packs
  • 1 Random Golden Madness on the Darkmoon Fair Legendary Card
  • Playable Ensemble Warlock Hero
  • N’Zoth card back
  • Battlefield
  • Early access dual mode

135 new cards will be added to the game on November 17th, which is not far off! It is better to grind those quests and save that gold. Or build some arena decks that you hate and make a profit, whichever method works for you. If you want to check all the cards revealed so far, check Blizzard’s blog post announcement Extensive and trembling when you realize how powerful Y’Shaarj is again.

Last updated: October 23, 2020

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