Health continues to deteriorate: Kovid-19: 13 deaths, 3,014 new cases, 353.1 incident rate

Health continues to deteriorate: Kovid-19: 13 deaths, 3,014 new cases, 353.1 incident rate

Of the seven deaths, 13 were deaths, 3,014 were new registrations and 353.1 per 100,000 inhabitants. 45 Kovid patients are in the rehabilitation unit. These figures, published on Tuesday, August 3, 2021, are higher than last week’s figures. The number of new cases was then 2,616 and the positive rate was 8%. Eight people died of the disease, including those on a complete immunization schedule and comorbidities. This week, of the 13 patients who died, 4 (aged between 76 and 89) “presented a complete vaccination schedule and strong comorbidities” according to ARS. “In view of this adverse development of the epidemic, it is necessary to strengthen the barrier and provide more immunizations without further delay, now 30.2% have a complete vaccine” ARS (photo rb /, which we publish in a press release from the health authorities below

Prefecture and the local health agency apologize for announcing on August 3, 2021 the deaths in the last 7 days of 12 patients from La Runian and one patient in medical evacuation:

– A person between the ages of 25 and 34
– A person between the ages of 35 and 44
– Someone between the ages of 45 and 44
– 2 people between the ages of 65 and 74
8 people over 75 years of age.

All people who die present with the risk factors that contribute to the severe form of the disease. Of the 13: 8 did not have a complete vaccination schedule, and 4 (aged between 76 and 89) presented a complete vaccination schedule and strong comorbidities.

From July 24 to 30, 3,014 cases were reported in 7 days. The positive rate increased to 8.4% (compared to 8% in the previous week), the weekly incidence rate rose sharply to 353.1 / 100,000 residents, and the number of screenings increased (+10, 5%).

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Of these 3,014 cases:

– 2,604 cases are classified locally
– 35 cases are classified imports.

Of the 35,563 recoveries and 288 deaths since the onset of the health crisis, 4,394 cases are still active today.

So far 40,245 cases have been investigated through ARS, Public Health France and Health Insurance, of which 93.5% are local cases.

– Search for Kovid-19 mutations

From July 24 to 30, 2,688 positive tests were performed to identify a mutation: 2,496 cases presented one of the specific mutations under observation, an increase of 93.1% (83.5%) compared to the previous week.

The virus spreads at a constant rate, and the proportion of variants remains very high La runian, mainly the beta variant (South African 54%).

The Delta variant is still in progress on the island. As of July 30, 2021, 1,117 cases of the Delta variant had been confirmed by screening or sequencing (compared to 709 last week), or 46% of the cases studied.

Cluster update:

As of August 3, 2021, 68 clusters are active, 347 closed, and 15 in community distribution.

In active clusters, we note:

-15 High Criticism: Le Port (1), El Etang-sal (1), St. Andrew (2), St. Joseph (1), St. Louis (1), St. Paul (3), St.-Stone (6)
-16 Moderate Criticism: Bras-Panon (2), Le Port (4), Le Tampon (1), St-Andre (1), St-Denis (2), St-Joseph (2), St-Louis (1) ), St. Paul (1), St. Pierre (2)

Regarding other indicators

As of July 30, in 7 rolling days, the incident rate had reached 353.1 / 100,000 inhabitants, which is in very poor condition.

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Incidence is increasing in almost all ages:

– 0-14 years: + 29.7%
– Between the ages of 25-34: + 12.2%
– Between the ages of 35-44: + 22.8%
– Between the ages of 45-64: + 31.9%
Among those over 65: + 27.6%
– Between the ages of 70-74: + 44.5%
– For those over 75: + 40.1%

It drops to 15-24: -6.7%. The number of screenings increased during this period: + 10.5% 36,035 tests were performed (compared to 32,601 last week)

As of August 3, 2021, Kovid-19 positive patients occupied 45 resuscitation beds out of 117 resuscitation beds established in La Runion:

– In the resuscitation for Kovid-19, 31 patients were between 27 and 60 years of age
– In the resuscitation for Kovid-19, 14 patients were between 61 and 89 years of age.

The strong increase in medical admissions (39 in 3 days) prompted the need to convert 13 new Specialized Medicine beds into 13 Kovid Medicine beds.

Cirrhosis of the covid-19 virus continues to progress in La Runion. The alarming presence on the island of the Delta variant means that not everyone respects the barrier gestures and delays their immunization.

Prefecture and ARS remind all runners of the need:

– Be prepared for screening even at minor symptoms
– Respect the strict isolation prescribed to prevent the spread of the virus and its variants: – At least 10 days if you have been infected with Kovid-19, or at least 7 days if you have been in contact
– Get vaccinated without further delay or wait 2 months if you are infected; Observe the time limit for injection of Pfizer vaccine 2 dose 3 weeks from the first injection.

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Available Pfizer and Johnson vaccines are effective against the new Delta variant of La Runion and reduce the risk of severe forms. Infectious disease of the delta variant, combined immunization can be achieved only if at least 80% of the population is vaccinated: Pfizer vaccine 2 doses (or 3 for those who are immunocompromised as per doctor’s advice) single dose for Johnson vaccine.

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