Headshot while getting out of helicopter: 22-year-old tourist dies Deadly selfie?

Headshot while getting out of helicopter: 22-year-old tourist dies  Deadly selfie?

Athens, July 26, 2022- Jack Fenton, The English Tourist Aged 22, died on Monday – Maybe beheaded – After hitting The blades of a helicopter Advertisement Athens, In Greece. “He wanted to have one Selfie“, the headline of some newspapers, according to the indiscretion filtered by the investigators. But Friends deny.

22 years old, already a student Oxford Brooks And to the exclusive school Sutton VallanceHe was returning with three friends MykonosThere he took a few days of vacation, with a chartered plane for the occasion.

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Horrible and unsuspecting parents

“We learned too late – the pain was outspoken Mailline From Victoria, the 22-year-old’s mother. Jack was a wonderful boy. “Following the boys into a second chartered luxury helicopter, the woman also denied the version that she wanted them in Greece. Instead, it was the father of one of Jack’s friends. She was keen to point out, “None of the boys were drunk.” Jack’s father, Miguel, He is in charge of marketing the 400 acre park ‘The Hope Farm’ Beltingnear Tonbridgein Kent.

“He wasn’t on the phone”

Testimonials Greek media claim that the 22-year-old fell first in a Bell 407 helicopter. Engines are running. They add that he had cell phone the ear Did he want to take a selfie? Investigations will clarify. The tail rotor hit and died. But friends deny. “I’ve heard people say that Jack got on the phone and ran back to the helicopter, which is completely untrue,” says Jack Stanton-Gleaves.

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They were questioned Helicopter pilot E Two ground technicians. They need to specify whether all safety rules have been followed.

According to other investigative sources, the 22-year-old would have landed without issue, but then, inexplicably, retraced his steps. A tragic end. One version, the second, it can make accusations carelessness Pilot and crew. But everything remains to be clarified.

Chi era Jack Fenton

Jack Fenton, the son of a wealthy couple, spent a few days in Mykonos before flying back to Great Britain with friends and family on a private jet from Athens. He was educated in a special environment and attended Sutton Vallance SchoolAn institution founded in 1576. Then he joined Oxford Brookes.

Jack Fenton (Facebook)
Jack Fenton (Facebook)
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