He was able to take a photo of the astronauts exiting the Earth

ISS Station Spatiale Internationale

Almost all of us have seen ISS fly across the sky. When viewed from Earth, the International Space Station looks like a point of light above all else, visible only in the evening and early at night and early in the morning – this accelerates the visible part of the sky. Path.

For details – just look at the shape of the station – it is necessary to set up high-performance equipment that will capture the ship at the right moment when the weather is mild and the atmosphere is turbulent. This does not always guarantee a useful snapshot.

ISS: This unpublished photo taken from Earth shows two astronauts exiting the vehicle outside!

So, when we learned that a photographer was able to clearly photograph two astronauts from Earth from the vehicle exit from the ISS, we could not resist sharing the shot with you.

Describing himself as “a doctor in the field of scientific photography”, Dr. We owe this incredible photo to Sebastian Waltmar. So we are talking about an expert – who knew how to give his side every opportunity to lead to this rare shot.

He says: “I feel like I’ve been photographed for a lifetime. This is probably the first time a photograph of two ISS astronauts has been taken from Earth during a spacewalk.Sebastian Waltmer explains.

The original photo was taken on March 23, 2022, above Germany – then the station was 400 km above sea level. The two star astronauts in the photo are called Raja Chari and Matthias Maurer. It was followed by a series of repairs during an outing that lasted 7 hours.

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The picture was taken with an amateur telescope, the C11 EdgeHD Telescope, which costs between 7,000 and 8,000 euros – a high-quality SLR camera with no capture equipment included.

Thanks for the tweet from the photographer, you can appreciate the incredible result. When King Chari Canadarm2 appears around the robotic arm, Matthias Maurer seems to have been attached to the ISS’s European Columbus module.

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