He stole his colleague’s mobile phone

He stole his colleague's mobile phone

It happened at a company in the industrial neighborhood, and police intervened. Defendant hid the phone in the car and sought a court order to search for it.

By this Thursday the 13th, the staff The third category He was wanted in the facilities of the Economy Company, located at Cale Belarmino Menantas 4525 in the Industrial Park. As reported, a criminal activity took place there.

Effective Police They arrived on the scene and interviewed Gonzalo Martin Gallus, 25, who said he stole a Samsung cell phone, model A02s, and blue with a case of Goku, the central character of the Japanese animated dragon ball. He added that the device was available in blue, red and yellow in other colors and that it was stolen from within the company.

A colleague known as Denise Aramandi left the area in the direction of his white Ford Fiesta and reviewed film records on Belarmino Menantas Street, outside the area, quickly returning to the area. Leaving the company without company approval was observed to be “explicitly prohibited”.

Natalia Gomez, an official in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, was notified of the situation, officials said Investigation Brigade To search the vehicle that took place when the warrant arrived.

At 7:50 p.m., about seven hours after the complaint was filed, the proceedings begin in Araramendi’s vehicle, as approved by the criminal judge on duty. That’s when the stolen mobile phone was found inside the glass.


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