“He showed anti-English videos to his players”: Ireland manager fired

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Roma, 20 Nov – L ‘Coach of the Irish National Football Team Stephen Kenny He is facing a lot of controversy. Reason? According to British newspapers, Kenny would show anti-British “propaganda” videos, such as footage of the 1916 Easter Rising and the Great Famine that hit Ireland under British rule. All this, not surprisingly before the match against England at Wembley.

Ireland coach and anti-English videos

Stephen Kenny, Irish coach, He hoped that showing these footage to his players before the kick-off against England would inspire them. Gareth Southgate’s team lost 3-0 to Ireland .The three – minute video featured the Irish players featured a long section set aside for the 1916 Easter uprising. Explanation of the Great Famine of 1845, When millions of Irish people died or were forced to emigrate after the disappearance of potato crops Seven consecutive years under British rule.

Ireland coach against the English Football Association

Kenny, who was hired only in April by the FII investigation, is fighting for the job. Opponents said the decision to show the anti-British video was “disgusting” “It has nothing to do with football,” he said, urging him to leave. Kenny will later visit Fary’s interim CEO Gary Owens in Dublin today.

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