He rescues a stranger during a heart attack on the street and finds his guardian angel – West-France Evening Edition

He rescues a stranger during a heart attack on the street and finds his guardian angel - West-France Evening Edition

Matthew O’Toole, 47, of Britain, suffered a heart attack on a street in London, UK. Forty-one is owed to his salvation only by the responsiveness of a passerby who gave an immediate warning of emergency services. Ten days later, he was able to find his guardian angel.

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Matthew O’Toole almost never celebrated Father’s Day. On June 10, the 47-year-old Briton and his father of two boys were found dead on the streets of London. Forty-one are caught on a bench “Severe nausea begins to worsen”, British radio and television reports BBC.

All around, no one cares about his health, except for a passerby, a nurse by profession, and a “Danny,” says Matthew O’Toole. Considering his symptoms, she realizes that the forty-two-year-old has a heart attack, right in the middle of the street!

she is “In the right place and at the right time”, Reports the British television channel ITVInform emergency services immediately and stay with the family’s father until they arrive. Matthew O’Toole was rushed to a hospital. His days are not in danger today.

“Thank you from the heart”

“I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, because I still have a husband and my boys still have a father.” Matthew’s wife Georgina O’Toole addressed an anonymous nurse on June 19, 2021 and tweeted. To add: “She recognized the symptoms of a heart attack and called for help. If she had not done so, he would not be with us today. ” Georgina O’Toole, who wanted to find this woman who is believed to be the guardian angel who saved her husband’s life, filed an appeal on the social network on Twitter.

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His much-shared message paid off. “A friend of hers contacted us on LinkedIn: you do not know me, but I know Daniel, here is her email address”, Said Georgina O’Toole BBC.

The two women then made an electronic exchange. “She was happy to know that my husband was doing well. Georgina O’Toole told the British media. She told me she didn’t need to thank him but was happy to take the time to chat on the phone one of these days. “

Fight for the defense

When asked by the BBC on Sunday, June 20, Matthew O’Toole said he would like to see his guardian angel Daniel. “I need to talk to him. Come back with her about the events and what I can do to make the public aware of what she has done. “

Anyway the O’Toole family would like to thank Daniel and consider donating to a charity of their choice. They also want to invest in preventing heart attacks.

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