He received an unexpected and insulting email from his teacher, which was shared on social networks and went viral. Chronicle

He received an unexpected and insulting email from his teacher, which was shared on social networks and went viral.  Chronicle

The Hacks of personal accounts on the Internet They are very dangerous if we are not careful. Although it is possible to have a cell phone account with banking applications or personal documents or data from online stores where our debit and credit cards are loaded, they can use social networks or email. In the latter case, it could be hackers Try to joke We do not intend to steal really problematic data from you. That’s the thing about a user Twitter Posted a screenshot of this An email from a teacher, the account was hacked, and an email was sent to that address, which spoke in a derogatory and derogatory tone about her son’s performance..

This tweet was viralized by Waller White (mi_miasama__) and quickly reached 79,000 “I like that” And more than 3,000 retweets. “They hacked my brother’s teacher’s email, they send random emails to parents”, The user described in her viral post.

Also, you can read it in the screenshot of the email: “Your son, the truth is he’s half gone for the ogre … please”.

After the tweet went viral, hundreds of users posted their comments on the bird’s social network. “Yes, they hacked”; “‘Medium for the eye …’ is not so bad, it still works”; “Hahaha. I’m sending an email hahaha”; “Haha I told my old lady that the page was hacked when I uploaded the notes”; “This is her, but far away”; Preceptor: ‘Which hack?’.

How can I prevent my Gmail account from being hacked and make it more secure?

According to the portal Google support and assistance, Has a series of steps and recommendations to consider so nOur email account is more secure and we avoid hacking.

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Between the first steps, it is essential to implement Security check What Update your cell phone number and add a recovery email to Google. To help prevent a hacker from accessing your account even if your password is stolen, Google recommends opt-in The second security verification step, such as security keys or Google Messages.

And important Update Android and iOS software for cell phones, such as the operating system of a PC, Because updates include security enhancements.

Additionally, we need to remove suspicious apps and browser extensions from our cell phones. Lastly, you need to avoid entering suspicious pages, spam mails or suspicious sources, or replying to instant messages via WhatsApp or SMS.

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