He lost it at Antarctica- Courier.it

He lost it at Antarctica- Courier.it

Someone in Antarctica forgot his purse, Someone discovered it 53 years later. This may seem like the beginning of a joke, but the ending is a little touching: Paul Grisham, a U.S. Navy meteorologist, was sent on a mission to McMurdo Station in 1967 and is still alive. A brave social media discoveryAt 91, he was able to find in his old wallet the remnants of a life that looked as distant as Antarctica.

License, Navy Card, There is no money because there is nothing to buy at the military base; A sheet of military instructions on how to behave in the event of an atomic or chemical attack – wear a gas mask, never look – a tax return. And reminders of A moderate behavior Weaver, Like the recipe for making Kahluwa coffee liqueur yourself, La Beer ration card Available on a regular basis, especially receipts of money orders sent to the wife After some poker wins with colleagues from the station.

Of McMurdo’s life, The southernmost human settlement in the world – Today it is hosted by over 1,300 people; Because of the lack of supplies for the Antarctic winter up to 180 – Paul Grisham remembers well today, I reluctantly went, I had 36 and two small children. His position as meteorologist was part of Operation Deep Freeze, which began in 1955, Conducted experiments and explorations for the U.S. Navy scientific community. He has previously been sent to Japan, Guam and Hawaii. The appointment lasted 13 months; In late 1968, Grisham escaped from California (but was promoted to lieutenant).

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Al San Diego Union Tribune, The California newspaper that revealed the story, tells of the vastness and emptiness that the meteorologist finds difficult to describe on the continent, and the only entertainment he calls ice, ice, and for a long time was the lonely martini. Call wife Wilma for a week through the radio booth. More adventurous is the story of how the wallet that was released in 2014 came back to him.

Stephen Decato, a retiree from New Hampshire a year agoA former officer of the Antarctic Shipping Agency regrets seeing a soldier’s ID bracelet on sale in a stall’s memorabilia; He bought it and, with the help of a veterans association, found the owner’s family.
The story of the bracelet greatly influenced a former colleague of Decato
Upon hearing that, Grisham’s wallet was found in Antarctica but never returned. Decatur reminds his older friends; The association is affiliated with the Naval Weather Association, one of the military meteorologists, of which Grisham is a member; The case is resolved. I am relieved at all this effort, the 91-year-old commented, not remembering that he lost his wallet, but was persuaded to review its contents.

On the wonderful day you gave Paul, wife Carol Salazar wrote on the association’s Facebook page yesterday. She is 82 and Paul Grisham’s second wife; The two widows (Wilma died in 2000) met in 2001 on an organized trip to Paris. All is well, finally, but the most attentive will wonder: where was the wallet in the end?

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