He left Como to become a street artist in Ireland- Corriere.it

He left Como to become a street artist in Ireland- Corriere.it
from Luca Caglio

29-year-old Sonia da Palma left her job in Switzerland in 2015 to choose a life in contact with nature: first in agriculture, then with the guitar. “I like to give feelings”

From Lake Como to Galway Bay, Ireland, a one-way ticket and a future to discover. The story of Sonia de Palma, 29 years old, “not of the brain” who fled to a stable job. “I have been a street artist since 2017She says proudly because she is free from routines and conventions. Guitar and voice, a traditional folk, all doubts disappear: “Here people are not shy, they often dance around me.”

No different on the street or in the pub, the Gallic atmosphere feels like an anthem against possible regret for a high-risk experience. From a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences that was inactive to a job in Switzerland, he gave up. Before landing on the Emerald Isle. Call center, bye. “It was 2015 and I felt the need to go back to life, to be in touch with nature,” recalls Sonia, inspired by the song. the street Modena City Ramblers, still in the updated collection during the lockdown. “I also sing in Italian GeordieD’Andre’s Edition».

Ma It opened the Irish season with “the best of my life”, a volunteer experience in agriculture, Along with working as a waitress. And the attraction BuskingStreet performances that bring her back Strom Like a little girl. “Sometimes someone stops and says: You saved my day with that song. Small everyday emotions are the source of my well-being”. She is supported by family and friends, including her mother Adriana, who suggests a plan B in any situation. “It could be dancing – reflects Sonia -, I have a fitness instructor certificate and I love dancing”.

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Competition exists outside the box as well. TO Galway, European Capital of Culture 2020Artistic offering urban It has grown with tourists mixed in with about 80,000 residents, but You don’t need a license to operate. If anything, patience. “Not satisfied with the achievement? You play again. It’s hard in winter: shards on the hands and cold ». The sea breeze wakes up the breeze of the lake, blows on the fire of nostalgia, which warms good memories. Performances in his Como, “romantic and beautiful setting”. Or they are In Milan at Piazza Duomo: “Once a tourist heard me sing an Irish song, he was on top of the church, and when he came down he gave me a big tip.”

Milan also has an army of over 1,700 spirited street performers, but the best spots must be pre-booked online at the municipality website. Galway is less restrictive. Sharpen your eyes to find the empty space and know that you can hold it for up to two hours. “I never thought of entertaining passers-by by improving their mood and overcoming their fears and limitations.Admits ex-girlfriend at call center, writes when she’s not singing. “I published a story Short biography, Through the door, I am thinking of a new chapter ». Too late to come back. However, despite the time, a woman still skeptical to listen live for the first time. Sonia will recognize her in the crowd, a caress instead of a coin. “Mother”.

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