He lay on his stomach for 20 days. The mobile phone was extracted from the stomach of an Egyptian youth


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Doctors in Egypt have been able to remove a mobile phone from the stomach of a young man who swallowed it 20 days ago.

Doctors at Kafr El-Sayyat Hospital in the Garbia Governorate in northern Egypt were shocked when a young man was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain and constipation, and an X-ray revealed a foreign body inside his abdomen.

As soon as it was discovered that the mobile phone and another role was interfering with the digestion of food, the doctors decided to perform an emergency operation to remove the foreign body.

Doctors said the phone had been lying in the patient’s stomach for 20 days, causing digestive problems. The media reports that the intervention was able to pull it out and save the young man’s life.

Kafr El-Sayyat Hospital officials said the patient was in good health and had returned to normal life.

Months ago, a similar incident took place in the governorate of Aswan, when a medical team succeeded in removing a mobile phone from the stomach of an Egyptian who had been swallowed 6 months ago.

A citizen who complained of severe abdominal pain was admitted to Aswan University Hospital in southern Cairo. On examination, he was found to have a severe infection and constipation in the stomach and intestines.

The hospital administration said it had performed X-rays and tests, and doctors confirmed that his condition required urgent surgery to remove a foreign body that was causing such pain.

She added that the doctors had succeeded in removing the mobile phone from the patient’s stomach.


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