He is trying to cross into Ireland with a fake passport confiscated in Catulus

He is trying to cross into Ireland with a fake passport confiscated in Catulus

Twenty-year-old Catolo de Verona was caught in Villafranca with a fake passport.

What happened to an Albanian citizen arrested by Verona Air Border Police seems to belong in this series: “Try again, you’ll be lucky”. This weekend, a 20-year-old boy appeared at the passport control of Verona-Villafranca airport. Biometric Slovenian passport to board a Ryanair flight to Dublin.

Documentary testing of the equipment provided to Polaria revealed that the electronic microchip had not been read by the computer system and that in-depth testing revealed that it was incorrect. The Slovenian police confirmed the matter through the International Cooperation Center Of the shoulder Muggler.

Accompanied by police offices, The boy admitted that he was an Albanian and had tried to cross the border With a false document that could have reached Ireland, he later showed his real Albanian passport to the police. Following the confirmation by the airport police, the 20-year-old was arrested for possession, manufacture and use of forged identity documents.

Following a photo-fingerprint survey, it was discovered that he had attempted to leave Bologna airport on October 10 last year. Back to Dublin and once again with a false Slovenian document. In this case, the Bologna Border Police had reported the same crimes against him. Judged directly, he was human He was sentenced to two years in prison, With the granting of a suspended sentence.

The arrests were made following a long series of arrests by men in Polaria, Verona, on the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Roberto Salvo. Arrests of foreign nationals found in possession of forged documents Direct flights to Great Britain, Albania and Ireland are set to begin. Manager Salvo stressed, “Results in the coming weeks, They are the result of the strengthening of border controls, With the aim of focusing above all on the routes preferred by the expatriate and comparing the expatriate phenomenon with the erroneous documents.

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