He gets his last paycheck … for 5 cents!

He gets his last paycheck ... for 5 cents!

Final salary in 5 cent coin

Attribution: Screenshot | Twitter @rianjkeogh

Ryan Kiyog, a 20-year-old student, worked over the summer at a bar in Dublin (Ireland). Over the weeks, the owner was contacted several times to receive the final salary. He really got the money, but not as he thought …

On his Twitter account, the Irishman Shared his transfers via message With his former manager, he declares: “Do you mind if I pay you next Tuesday? I did not keep your bank details, so how are you bro?Ryan replies: “Dosage is important, but I really need it. Tomorrow will be good, I can not wait any longer. “

D-Day has come, Ryan Kiyog Go to the bar and receive Owner message : “Money is at the doorSurprise is at its peak: the student finds his salary there, but not in it A bucket full of loose change ! In a post shared more than 15,000 times, he explains on Twitter:After following my last paycheck for weeks, I finally got it, but in a bucket 5 cent coins“.

Not workers under Irish law No more than 50 coins should be accepted in a single transaction. The student unknowingly told the media extra.i.e : “Thought it should be taken legally but found out on Twitter that it was not. If I had known this I would have fought“.

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