He earns 200 million euros and gives almost everything to save the planet

He earns 200 million euros and gives almost everything to save the planet

In December 2020, a Frenchman won the jackpot at Euro Millions. Philanthropist and concerned about the planet, he lays a foundation and gives his new fortune.

On December 10, 2020, a lucky person finds 4 correct numbers (6, 9, 13, 24, 41) and 2 correct stars (3, 12). He had the potential to hit the jackpot of one in 140 million!

We read in Le Parisien this morning that the second winner in EuroMillions’ history has created a foundation dedicated to environmental protection. He wants to remain anonymous.

The basis for saving the earth

Anyama, a foundation he has dedicated to environmental protection, is named after a town in C ഡിte d’Ivoire where he spent many years of his childhood. La Française des jeux baptized him as the “Guy”, indicating that all this money was in the process of being transferred to an alien.

Here is what “Guy” wrote on his foundation’s website : During my lifetime, I have seen trucks loaded with deforested trees pass through the forests of Burkina Faso, the Upper Volta, in C ഡിte d’Ivoire. This ballet of trucks marked me so much, I was outraged.

In December 2020, I was lucky enough to win the lottery. I only played important roles, with one goal: to use the main part of this amount to build a foundation. Owning boats, forts or other sports cars was never my dream, It is beneficial and meaningful to that money with maximum positive impact. So, that’s what I am doing today by creating injustice that works for the common good of all with a single word, protecting the living. For me, this is the urgency of our time and of course for many years to come, for the benefit of future generations. “

What will 200 million do?

Parisian Figured out how to spend $ 200 million.

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The other winners continue to hit the jackpot

In 2017, Francis and Patrick Connolly from Northern Ireland won 127 million in Euro Millions. They donated most of their savings to charity, and today continue to live “normally” in a five-bedroom home in Durham County, swimming pool and tennis court, but the journey continues in economy class.

When Monsieur dedicated himself to the two foundations they had created, Francis chose to continue working. The couple still offered a new car, the Jaguar e-Pace.

What would you do if you won Euro Millions?

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