He earned 1,000 euros at the age of ten and had a special dream come true

He earned 1,000 euros at the age of ten and had a special dream come true

At a time when children are dreaming of consoles, telephones, connected objects or all kinds of toys, the story of this ten-year-old Irish boy is reported to be very special. BBC. After winning a thousand euros as a result of the Christmas game raffle, William Woods invested in six calves. “Cows are my favorite animals, so why not buy some?” He tells our colleagues.

However, the little boy did not expect so much training for this mini herd, but smiled: “I thought I should put them in a field and feed them, but I’m glad they gave me a job,” he says, admitting that he has learned a lot since then. “It’s taught me that you really need to work on something and you can not sit in your bed without doing something, ‘Oh my life is a nightmare.”

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Future farmer

William, who is very clear at his age, already knows how to spend his summers, reminding his cattle and feeding them and caring for his calves. “It’s a very strange feeling, because they are mine,” he told the BBC. Having these cows helped to overcome the difficult time experienced in the Kovid-19 Pandemic. It should be noted that Ireland has had a number of restrictions since 2020, with schools closing for a long time at the beginning of the year. “I lost my friends, I don’t see them anymore, I don’t talk to them anymore,” he admits.

In addition to moral help, the purchase of this animal may have given him a job, as his mother says. “He has his father’s genes. From childhood he always looked after the cattle and sheep and wanted to keep his hands dirty (…) He always had this entrepreneurship but it also taught him the value of money, ”she explains. If he already has six cows and does not want to stop there, he already plans to buy more. In the future, he wants to be a farmer like his parents.

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