He bought it for more than 300- Corriere.it

He bought it for more than 300- Corriere.it

Il The Vatican Announced sale to Bain Capital 186 million poundsIn London Palace At the center of a sensational corruption trial.
In the following days, the administration of the patrimony of the Apostolic See completed the sale Bain Capital Gross income from building at 60 Sloane Avenue, London 186 million pounds, Apsa herself wrote in a statement. The entire procedure was followed by the Vatican Secretariat of Financial Affairs at its various stages and the loss incurred in relation to the amount spent on the purchase of the property was in no way transferred to the reserve of the Secretariat of State. TouchedPence of St. PeterAlong with the contributions of believers.

The purchase of the palace was completed More than £300 million.
The building, located in the London district of Knightsbridge, is at the center of a Vatican investigation and an open trial for it Cardinal Angelo Giovanni BesiuMonsignors and officials of the Secretariat of State and donors outside the Vatican Rafael Mincione, Gianluigi Torsi and Enrico Crasso (Mincyon and the other defendants, for certain offenses against other subjects, were returned deeds to the promoter as their guaranty; consequently, they are no longer defendants in the trial, although they remain under investigation).

Pope Francis himself ordered the sale of the property to end the investment, which had drained the Secretariat of State’s vast resources and caused great damage to the Holy See. The purchase of the building — one of the major financial scandals involving the Vatican in the past half century — bought nearly half of the building’s control in 2014; The Vatican acquired the entire property in late 2018.
The property was sold in 2013 by financier Rafael Mincione, who became manager of $200 million of the State Secretariat’s reserved funds with the Athena Fund.

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Mincione convinced the Vatican to invest $100 million to buy half of the building he owned. In 2018, the Vatican exits the Athena Fund and acquires the entire building from Minzion with a favorable arrangement for the financier of 44 million euros. According to Vatican investigators, the sale of the building would have been made at an increased valuation of the property. Raffaele Mincioni claimed the accuracy of his work by suing the Secretariat of State directly in a London court in an unprecedented civil case.

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