Hawaii imposes new COVID-19 travel restrictions

Hawaii imposes new COVID-19 travel restrictions

Anyone flying to Hawaii should have a negative Kovid-19 Gov. David Ige announced Thursday that the new law will take effect two days before Thanksgiving, the test result before leaving for the state.

Until now, travelers flying to the islands have been allowed to use a pre-travel testing program and upload their negative test results to a state database, avoiding the two-week ban.

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However, some travelers who arrive in Hawaii without a test result are then tested positive. Ige told a news conference that this had led to a partial change in the rules.

The new program will take effect on Tuesday, just before the holiday.

To bypass the 14-day shipping address, travelers must have the correct COVID-19 negative test results from one of the state’s loyal testing partners,


“If the test results are not available before boarding the final stage of the journey, the passenger must determine the duration of the stay, which is 14 days, which is the shortest run,” he said.

For those who arrive without a negative test result before departure, the shipping ban cannot be waived, although their negative results will be available as soon as they arrive.

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Passengers can not always be tempted and board the ship in their hotel rooms or homes. Passengers will continue to have that option.

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