Have you ever wondered how much of your life you spend on meetings? A new Google feature will tell you

Have you ever wondered how much of your life you spend on meetings?  A new Google feature will tell you

You already know the answer is “too much”, but Google wants to see it in front of your eyes, maybe try to change your habits a little bit.

It’s hard to lose sight of the trend of all the tech giants that have added a feature in recent years Digital welfare To the devices and their platforms to understand how much time we spend in front of different screens. Everything is nice and beautiful, but in the meantime, last year allowed another area to take over our lives: work meetings. If you also feel that meetings are taking longer than you do today, Google will soon have a new feature that you love, or be shocked.

How much time do you actually spend on meetings?

Google Announced About integrating a new feature called Time Insights into Google Calendar (initially only available on the web version of Google Calendar, not Apple). It’s a kind of digital well-being that keeps your calendar (or screen time, if you’re on iOS). Once you open it, you will see the division of your time into several factors: Who did you meet the most? How long have you been in 1: 1 meetings or meetings with more participants? How long will it take for all the other appointments you have not yet confirmed for the coming month? On average, how much time do you spend each day at meetings? What is your busiest day? Of course, a graph that visually shows the load of your meetings. In case you are surprised, the individual meetings you attend will not be considered in these statistics.

This is how it looks

The idea is that, like any digital wellness feature, this information can be accessed by people so that they can make informed decisions about their lifestyle, which can be replaced with a simple email even if they are just looking at Instagram stories or just being scammed through work meetings.

All information that appears on Time Insights is available only to you, and Google igs states that it is not available to managers of your workspace (formerly G Suite). However, the company says that if someone is allowed to control your calendar, they may be subject to the information. If this bothers you in any way, you should be aware that this feature will be enabled automatically, and can only be disabled with the admin account.

As usual, do not go looking for the feature now

According to Google, the new feature will be available to all workspace users except Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals, Frontline users, G Suite Basic and Business customers. Note that according to Google Time Insights the admin will arrive in the next two weeks, but users will only see it in September, until the beginning of October, which is a regular release (as usual on Google).

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